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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 591-JULY 23, 1946 Administration established by Executive Order 9689; for allocation or reimbursement by the War Assets Administrator to Government agencies designated by the Administrator as disposal agencies by or pursuant to the Surplus Property Act of 1944; for payment to Government agencies designated by the Administrator for rendering special services in connection with the disposal of surplus property in such amounts as shall be approved by the Bureau of the Budget; and for allocation or reimbursement to owning agencies in such amounts and upon such basis as shall be approved by the Bureau of the Budget, for the care and handling (including pay and allowances and subsistence of military and naval personnel) of surplus property subsequent to the filing of a declaration of surplus covering such property with a disposal agency designated by the Administrator, or, if the Administrator prescribes procedures whereby declarations of surplus are made at approximately the time of disposal or removal, subsequent to notice by the owning agency to the disposal agency that property has been determined to be surplus and is subject to such procedures, such funds to be available for personal services in the District of Columbia; fees and mileage of witnesses at rates pro- vided by law for witnesses attending in the United States courts (28 U. S. C. 600c); temporary (not in excess of one year) or inter- mittent services of experts or consultants or organizations thereof, including stenographic reporting services, by contract or otherwise, without regard to the civil-service and classification laws; lawbooks, books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; acceptance and utili- zation of voluntary and uncompensated services; printing and bind- ing; travel expenses, including reimbursement, at not to exceed 4 cents per mile, to employees for expenses incurred by them in per- formance of official travel in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official stations; expenses of attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with the work of the Administration; pro- curement of supplies, equipment, reports, and services in connection with the care, handling, and disposition of surplus property without regard to the provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C . 5) upon determination by the Administrator or by any official designated by him for this purpose that such method of pro- curement is necessary; purchase and procurement of reports of experts or consultants or organizations thereof; advertising, including radio time; purchase, maintenance, operation, and repair of passenger automobiles; maintenance, operation, and repair of aircraft in the Territories and possessions in connection with disposal activities and, in the continental limits of the United States in connection with the disposition of aircraft and airports; acquisition of buildings, lands leaseholds, and other interests therein, and temporary use thereof for the care, handling, and disposition of surplus property; payments to States or political subdivisions thereof of sums in lieu of and equiv- alent to taxes accruing against real property declared surplus to the Administration by Government corporations; authority to advance money to Administration cashiers and collection officials upon fur- nishing bond, for the purpose of handling cash transactions and making change at surplus property sales: Provided,That the Adminis- trator may delegate to any official in the War Assets Administration the authority to make appointments of personnel and he may also delegate to any subordinate official the authority to make other determinations necessary for the conduct of the administrative man- agement within said Administration: Provided further, That any employee of the War Assets Administration is authorized, when desig- nated for the purpose by the Administrator, to administer to or take from any person an oath, affirmation, or affidavit, when such instru- ment is required in connection with the performance of the functions 607 11 F. R. 1265. 58 Stat. 765 . 50 U. . C., Supp. V, app. § 1611-1646. Ante, pp. 168, 169, 599; poet, pp. 754 , 886. 28 U.S. O., Supp. V, 600c. Travel expenses. Post, p. 809. Delegation of au- thority. Administration of oaths.