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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 591-JULY 23, 1946 Colnscientious ob- $27,750,000: Provided, That such amounts as may be necessary shall Work program. be available for the planning, directing, and operation of a program of work of national importance under civilian direction, either inde- pendently or in cooperation with governmental or nongovernmental agencies, and the assignment and delivery thereto of individuals found to be conscientiously opposed to participation in work of the land or naval forces, which cooperation with other agencies may include the furnishing of funds to and acceptance of money, services, or other forms of assistance from such nongovernmental agencies for the more effectual accomplishment of the work; and for the pay and allowances of such individuals at rates not in excess of those paid to persons inducted into the Army under the Selective Service System, and such privileges as are accorded such inductees: Pro- Travel expenses. zded further, That the travel of persons engaged in the administra- tion of the Selective Service System, including commissioned, war- rant, or enlisted personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or their reserve components, including not to exceed $5,000 for attend- ance at meetings of societies or associations for the purpose of obtaining or imparting information concerning functions of the Selective Service System and reimbursement at not to exceed 4 cents per mile of employees or others rendering service to the Gov- ernment for expenses incurred by them in performance of official travel in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official stations, may be ordered by the Director or by such persons as he may authorize: Provided further, That no person traveling hereunder shall be allowed travel expenses on the mileage basis unless such expenses are authorized by regulation of the service to Reviion osf appr- which he belongs: Provided further, That within thirty days after the enactment of legislation extending the Selective Training and 54SUat. . app Service Act of 1940, as amended, the Director of the Bureau of the 1§301-318; Supp. V, Budget shall reconsider the estimate of appropriation contained in Ante, pp . 181 , 341 , House Document Numbered 641, Seventy-ninth Congress, and within 342. such period of thirty days make such revision (in no case upward) of the total amount thereof as would, in his judgment, enable com- pliance with the provisions of such legislation, and such revision shall be published promptly in the Federal Register and shall be Obligationsincrred binding upon the Selective Service System: Provided further, That obligations in pursuance of such revision, if justified thereby, may be incurred at quarterly rates not exceeding (except for liquidation expenses and the added cost of the Federal Employees Pay Act of Ante, p. 21 1946) those that would have been permissible under an appropriation made in accordance with the estimate of appropriation contained in the afore-mentioned House Document Numbered 641. THE TAX COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Salaries and expenses: For an additional amount for "Salaries and expenses, The Tax Court of the United States," fiscal year 1946, Stat.including the objects specified under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1946, $5,200. UNITED STATES MARITIME COMMISSION Receipts from operations of any functions of the War Shipping A p Administration which are transferred to the United States Maritime AteCommission under the terms of title II of Public Law 492, Seventy- ninth Congress, second session, shall be available until March 1, 1947, for obligation by the United States Maritime Commission in carrying out any such transferred operating functions as the Commission shall deem necessary, including personnel and other administrative expenses necessary to conduct such operations. 614 [60 STAIT.