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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 753-AUG. 2 , 1946 "9. Public reservations and parks within the District of Columbia, including Rock Creek Park and the Zoological Park. "10. Measures relating to the construction or maintenance of roads and post roads. Committee on "(o) (1) Committee on Rules and Administration, to consist of Rules and Adminis- tration. thirteen Senators, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects: "(A) Matters relating to the payment of money out of the contingent fund of the Senate or creating a charge upon the same; except that any resolution relating to substantive matter within the jurisdic- tion of any other standing committee of the Senate shall be first referred to such committee. "(B) Except as provided in paragraph (n) 8, matters relating to the Library of Congress and the Senate Library; statuary and pic- tures; acceptance or purchase of works of art for the Capitol; the Botanic Gardens; management of the Library of Congress; purchase of books and manuscripts; erection of monuments to the memory of individuals. "(C) Except as provided in paragraph (n) 8, matters relating to the Smithsonian Institution and the incorporation of similar institutions. "(D) Matters relating to the election of the President, Vice Presi- dent, or Members of Congress; corrupt practices; contested elections; credentials and qualifications; Federal elections generally; Presi- dential succession. "(E) Matters relating to parliamentary rules; floor and gallery rules; Senate Restaurant; administration of the Senate Office Build- ing and of the Senate Wing of the Capitol; assignment of office space; and services to the Senate. "(F) Matters relating to printing and correction of the Congres- sional Record. lEramination of "(2) Such committee shall also have the duty of examining all bills, amendments, and joint resolutions after passage by the Senate; and, in cooperation with the Committee on House Administration of the House of Representatives, of examining all bills and joint resolutions which shall have passed both Houses, to see that the same are correctly Presentation to enrolled; and when signed by the Speaker of the House and the Presi- dent of the Senate, shall forthwith present the same, when they shall have originated in the Senate, to the President of the United States in person and report the fact and date of such presentation to the Sen- ate. Such committee shall also have the duty of assigning office space in the Senate Wing of the Capitol and in the Senate Office Building. Power to act. "(3) Each standing committee shall continue and have the power to act until their successors are appointed. committee quorum. "(3) Each standing committee is authorized to fix the number of its members (but not less than one-third of its entire membership) who shall constitute a quorum thereof for the transaction of such business as may be considered by said committee, subject to the provisions of P", p.831. section 133 (d) of the gislative Reorganization Act of 1946. ervice enators. (4) Each Senator shall serve on two standing committees and no more; except that Senators of the majority party who are members of the Committee on the District of Columbia or of the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments may serve on three stand- ing committees and no more." APtROPBIATIONB SEC. 103. Rule XVI of the Standing Rules of the Senate is amended to read as follows: 820 [60 STAT.