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98 PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 73, 74-MAY 16, 1947 [61 STAT. extended to prisoners performing exceptionally meritorious or outstanding services in institutional operations; and Payments from (b) the prison industries fund established by section 4 of the p Act of June 23, 1934 (48 Stat. 1211; 18 U. S. C . 744-1), may be employed in paying compensation to such prisoners. Approved May 16, 1947. [CHAPTER 74] AN ACT May 16,1947 A ACT 1s.64] Granting the consent of Congress for the construction of a dam across Dan River [Public Law 68] in North Carolina. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Dan River, N . C. United States of America in Congress assembled, That the consent of Congress is hereby granted to Duke Power Company, its successors and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a low dam across Dan River at a point in Rockingham County, North Carolina, near Leaks- ville, and about ninety-one miles above the mouth of said river at Clarksville, Virginia, for the purpose of providing a pool for con- Approval of plans. denser water for a steam electric plant: Provided, That work shall not be commenced until the plans therefor have been submitted to and approved by the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, and by the Secretary of War, and when such plans have been approved by the Chief of Engineers and by the Secretary of War, it shall not be lawful to deviate from such plans either before or after completion of said dam unless the modification of such plans has previously been sub- mitted to and approved by the Chief of Engineers and the Secretary of War: Provided further, That in approving the plans for said dam such conditions and stipulations may be imposed as the Chief of Engi- neers and Secretary of War may deem necessary to protect the present Restriction, and future interest of the United States: And provided further, That this Act shall not be construed to authorize the use of such dam to develop water power or generate hydroelectric energy: And provided Damage claims. further, That the grantee, or its successors, shall hold and save the United States free from all claims arising from damage which may be sustained by the dam herein authorized, or damage sustained by the appurtenances of the said dam, by reason of the future construction and operation by the United States of Philpott Reservoir or of the proposed dam across Dan River at Schoolfield, Virginia, as proposed in House Document Numbered 650, Seventy-eighth Congress, and 58 Stlt. 89. approved for construction in Public Law 534, Seventy-eighth Con- gress, second session, or other Federal project: And provided further. or R tercam t tiongeat l c. That the grantee shall, at the direction of the district engineer, Corps of s treau-gagingfacil- ity. of Engineers, and without cost to the United States, reconstruct or relocate the existing stream-gaging facility owned by the United States Geological Survey and situated on the Dan River in the vicinity of Leaksville, North Carolina. Time limitation. SEC. 2. The authority granted by this Act shall cease and be deemed null and void unless the actual construction of the dam hereby author- ized is commenced within three years and completed within five years from the date of approval of this Act. Rights reserved. SEC. 3. The right to alter, amend or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. Approved May 16, 1947.