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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 262-JULY 17, 1947 Compensation ofsu- perintendent. 36 Stat. 531. Reimbursement for beat, etc. Buildings, under the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol, including minor improvements, maintenance, repair, equipment, sup- plies, material, fuel, oil, waste, and appurtenances; furnishings and office equipment; special clothing for workmen; waterproof wearing apparel; personal and other services; cleaning and repairing works of art; purchase or exchange, maintenance and driving of motor- propelled passenger-carrying office vehicle; not exceeding $300 for the purchase of technical and necessary reference books, periodicals, and city directory; not to exceed $150 for expenses of attendance, when specifically authorized by the Architect of the Capitol, at meet- ings or conventions in connection with subjects related to work under the Architect of the Capitol; $463,700. Capitol Grounds: For care and improvement of grounds surround- ing the Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildings; Capitol Power Plant; personal and other services; care of trees; planting; fertilizers; repairs to pavements, walks, and roadways; purchase of waterproof wearing apparel; maintenance of signal lights; and for snow removal by hire of men and equipment or under contract with- out compliance with section 3709 (41 U. S . C. 5) of the Revised Statutes, $177,500. Legislative garage: For maintenance, repairs, alterations, personal and other services, and all necessary incidental expenses, $24,300. Subway transportation, Capitol and Senate Office Buildings: For repairs, rebuilding, and maintenance of the subway system connecting the Senate Office Building with the Senate wing of the United States Capitol and for personal and other services, including maintenance of the cars, track, and electrical equipment connected therewith, $2,000. Senate Office Building: For maintenance, miscellaneous items and supplies, including furniture, furnishings, and equipment, and for labor and material incident thereto, and repairs thereof; for purchase of waterproof wearing apparel and for personal and other services, including four female attendants in charge of ladies' retiring rooms at $1,500 each and one at $1,560, for the care and operation of the Senate Office Building; to be expended under the control and super- vision of the Architect of the Capitol; in all, $547,205. House Office Buildings: For maintenance, including equipment, waterproof wearing apparel, miscellaneous items, and for all neces- sary services, $652,500, and so long as the position is held by the present incumbent the superintendent of the House Office Buildings shall be paid $500 per annum in addition to compensation otherwise payable under law. Capitol Power Plant: For lighting, heating, and power for the Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildings, Supreme Court Building, Congressional Library Buildings, and the grounds about the same, Botanic Garden, legislative garage, and folding and storage rooms of the Senate, and for air-conditioning refrigeration not supplied from plants in any of such buildings; for heating the Government Printing Office and Washington City Post Office and for light and power therefor whenever available; personal and other services, engineering instruments, fuel, oil, materials, labor, advertising, and purchase of waterproof wearing apparel in connection with the main- tenance and operation of the plant, $1,056,650. The appropriations under the control of the Architect of the Capitol may be expended without reference to section 4 of the Act approved June 17, 1910 (41 U. S . C . 7), concerning purchases for executive departments. The Government Printing Office and the Washington City Post Office shall reimburse the Capitol Power Plant for heat, light, and power whenever any such service is furnished during the fiscal year 370 [61 STAT.