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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 262, 263-JULY 17, 1947 Short title. July 17, 1947 [H. R. 494] [Public Law 198] Board of Parole, D.O. Rules and regula- tions. Transfer of powers, records, etc. Infra;post, p. 379. Duties of parole executive. Cooperation of other agencies, etc. Confidential rec- ords, etc. Parole of prisoner. Custody, etc. Government of the United States, or who advocates, or who is a mem- ber of an organization that advocates, the overthrow of the Government of the United States by force or violence and accepts employment the salary or wages for which are paid from any appropriation contained in this Act shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both: Provided further, That the above penalty clause shall be in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other provisions of existing law. SEC. 108. This Act may be cited as the "Legislative Branch Appro- priation Act, 1948". Approved July 17, 1947. [CHAPTER 263] AN ACT To reorganize the system of parole of prisoners convicted in the District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That a Board of Parole for the penal and correctional institutions of the District of Columbia is hereby created to consist of three members appointed by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, one of whom shall serve on a full-time basis and be designated by the Commissioners as Parole Executive. The other two members shall serve without com- pensation, one of whom shall be elected Chairman of the said Board. The Board of Parole shall select its own Chairman and shall have power to establish rules and regulations for its procedure. SEC. 2. Upon appointment of the members of the Board of Parole, the powers of the Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole created by the Act of July 15, 1932 (ch. 492, 47 Stat. 696, title 24, D. C. Code, sec. 201), not specifically repealed by this Act, shall be transferred to and vested in the Board of Parole. The officers and employees of the Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole, except the members thereof, together with all official records, furniture and supplies, and all unexpended balances of any appropriations, shall be transferred to the Board of Parole. It shall be the duty of the parole executive to prepare for the consideration of the Board of Parole all applications of prisoners for parole in such form and at such times and together with such information and records as the Board of Parole may require, to perform such administrative duties as the Board may prescribe, and to supervise prisoners on parole in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the Board. The Department of Corrections and all other agencies and officials of the District shall cooperate with the Board and shall furnish the Board with such information, files. and records as it may deem necessary in the performance of its duties i Provided, That confidential information and records shall not be required to be produced. SEC. 3 . Section 4 of the Act of July 15, 1932 (ch. 492, 47 Stat. 697; title 24, D. C . Code, sec. 204), as amended by the Act of June 6 1940 (ch. 254,54 Stat. 242), is amended as follows: "SEC. 4. Whenever it shall appear to the Board of Parole that there is a reasonable probability that a prisoner will live and remain at liberty without violating the law, that his release is not incompatible with the welfare of society, and that he has served the minimum sentence imposed or the prescribed portion of his sentence, as the case may be, the Board may authorize his release on parole upon such terms and conditions as the Board shall from time to time prescribe While on parole, a prisoner shall remain in the legal custody and under 378 [61 STAT.