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INDEX Alaska-Continued. Page Vocational Rehabilitation Act, pay- ments in accordance with -_ _ _ __ _ 395 Water Pollution Control Act, applica- bility ------------------------- 116 Water power resources, appropriation for investigation .......-------- _ 1131 Weather Bureau, medical services for employees in, appropriation avail- able....____..--------------- 219, 328 Wildlife resources, appropriation for in- vestigations____________________ -1144 Alaska Communication System, Army Signal Corps, appropriation for-- _ _ 1020 Alaska Railroad: Appropriation for---------------- 180 , 1147 Contract authorization ---.---------- 1148 Retirement and disability fund, appro- priation for ------- _------------ 180 Surplus property, acquisitions by trans- fer from designated agencies----_ __ 1148 Albert, A. E., irrigation on certain hold- ings of, appropriation authorized- -- 1169 Albrook Field, Canal Zone, construction of military installations, authorized__ 379 Albuquerque Indian School, N. Mex., disposition of lands acquired for; use of proceeds------------------------ 36 Alcohol Plants, Muscatine, Iowa, Kansas City, Mo., and Omaha, Nebr., transfer to Department of Agriculture ------ 1234 Ale, Imported, tax on; rate------------- 1171 Alexandria, Va., two-hundredth anni- versary of founding, issuance of com- memorative stamp---------------- 1075 Alien Property, Office of. See under Justice, Department of. Alien Property Administration, Philippine, appropriation for; report to Congress_ 178 Alien Property Custodian. See under Justice, Department of. Aliens. See also Citizenship and Naturali- zation; Nationality Act of 1940. Aeronautical subjects, training under International Aviation Facilities Act---------------------------- 451 Crews of certain foreign vessels, ap- propriations available for expenses_ 595 Deportation and exclusion, appropri- ation for----------------------- 319 Deportation suspension, authority of Attorney General ---------------1206 Displaced Persons Act of 1948 ------- 1009 Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, em- ployment under ---------------- 143 Employment, Government. See Cit- izenship requirements, employees, under Government Departments and Agencies. IX Aliens-Continued. Page Enemy aliens- Detention and maintenance, Depart- ment of Justice, appropriation for ------------------------- 319 Escape, assistance, etc., in, penalty- _ 735 Exclusion of aliens entering to engage in activities endangering public safety ------------------------- 268 False personation of U. S . citizen, penalty ---------------------- 742 Farm placement service, recruitment of foreign workers, authorized ----- _ 1238 Appropriation authorized ------ 1238 , 1239 Appropriation for --------------- _ 1032 Female, kept for immoral purpose, failure to file statement, penalty_ 813 Fiancees or fiances of U. S . servicemen or veterans, facilitation of admission into United States, time extension of provisions------

__ __ _-- 84 Husbands of U. S . citizens, extension of time prior to which marriage must have occurred for acquisition of nonquota status ---------------- 241 Japanese ancestry, certain persons of, adjudication of claims resulting from evacuation, authority of Attorney General --------------- 1231 Appropriation authorized ------.--- 1233 Prisoners, deportation on eligibility for parole ----------------.-------- 854 Reentry, Treaty-Merchants Return Permit, issuance, validity period, fee ---------------.----------- 335 Registry- False statements, penalty ---------. 752 Offenses relating to, penalties ----- 766 Rights, deprivation under color of law, penalty .--- - --- - _ --- 696 Taxation, exclusion of earnings of air- craft of foreign registry and ships under foreign flag -------------- _ 210 Veterans of U. S . armed forces, eligibil- ity for naturalization - _ ._ 282 All-American Canal, appropriation for.-- 1127, 1131 Allen, C. M., irrigation on certain holdings of, appropriation authorized------- Alley Dwelling Authority Act, District of Columbia, appropriation for mainte- nance and operation of properties under -------------------- Ambassadors and Ministers. See For- eign Service under State, Department of. American Battle Monuments Commission: Appropriation for -------- __-- Contract authorization ----------- 1169 189 178 179