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INDEX Congress-Continued. Page Reports-Continued. Air Force, Department of the, trans- portation of certain Government and other personnel, exercise of authority--------------------. 277 Army, Department of the- Engineers, Office of Chief of, em- ployment of additional per- sonnel--------------------- 1020 Occupied areas, purchase of com- modities for processing and sale in, status of revolving fund ---------------------- 1099 Scrap or salvage material, sale, use of proceeds----------------- 659 Signal Corps, receipts and disburse- ments, Alaska Communication System --- _ --------- ------ 1020 Transportation of certain Govern- ment and other personnel, exercise of authority- -------- 277 Chief Justice of United States, pro- ceedings of Judicial Conference of United States--------------- 902 Claims, Court of, judgments rendered- 923 Commerce, Department of- Alaska, subsistence supplies for resale, expenditures and pro- ceeds---------------------- 328 Weather Bureau, study of thunder- storms--------------------- 470 Commodity Credit Corporation- 1073, 1074 Displaced Persons Commission, dis- placed persons---------------- 1013 District of Columbia- Armory Board, financial state- ment---------------------- 342 Municipal buildings, use of appro- priation for school buildings, etc., for repairs to----------- 540 Parking lots, results of investiga- tions of-------------------- 1102 Public schools, survey of -------- 542 Executive Branch of the Govern- ment, Commission on Organiza- tion of, time extension for sub- mission --------------------- 1292 Federal National Mortgage Associa- tion, activities---------------- 1209 Federal Prison Industries, funds, etc- 852 Federal Security Agency, Federal old- age and survivors insurance bene- fits, amount paid-------------- 438 Federal Works Agency, Public Build- ings Administration, plans for elimination of structural and fire hazards. Executive Mansion---- 216 Congress-Continued. Reports-Continued. Foreign Economic Cooperation, Joint Committee on, studies and reo- ommendations-___ _ _-- _-_ _ --- Government departments and agen- cies- Administrative adjustment of claims of $1,000 or less.------ Contracts without advertising for experimental, etc., work and supplies ----___-__________. National defense, certain contracts without advertising in interest of -------------------- __ _- Interior, Department of the- Colonial National Historical Park, Va. , plans and estimates for sewage-disposal system - ___ . Colorado River dam fund, invest- ments and expenditures for joint use of Boulder Canyon project and other Federal activities -------- ___---_--- Fire prevention or suppression, Indian lands, diversion of funds ----

_-_ _ Geological Survey, interchange of appropriations ----........ Mines, Bureau of, lignite coal re- search laboratory, N. Dak., activities, expenditures, dona- tions----------............. National Park Service- Diversion of funds for meeting emergencies -............. Interchange of appropriations_ - Replacement of property of Bureau of Indian Affairs destroyed by fire, etc., diversion of funds-_ School districts, payments to during construction status of certain projects ------------------- Joint Committee on Labor-Manage- ment Relations, results of study and investigation, time extension- Justice, Department of- Alien Property, Office of, expenses incurred during fiscal year 1948----------------------- Aliens residing in United States, qualification as displaced per- sons -...------ _---------_. Deportation suspensions-------. Japanese ancestry, certain persons of, adjudication of claims __ . Special attorneys, etc., e mployment and compensation----------- XXXV Page 156 983 21 22 70 1130 1118 1135 85 1140 1140 1124 1108 12S6 321 1011 1206 1232 317 ,- - .- .