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INDEX Page Embezzlement, penalties -------- __ ___ 72 Emergency Boards, National Mediation Board, appropriation for --------. 217, 40 Emergency Management, Office for: Appropriation for_- - - -- - - -__ ____ _ 178, 119 Constituent agencies. See individual titles. Emergency Price Control Act of 1942, designated provision effective during 1949 with respect to certain func- tions of Office of Housing Ex- pediter ---..... ____-------------- 1197 Emergency Relief and Construction Act of 1932, effectuation of designated provision --------- __-- --- -- --- -- -_ 529 Employees, Government. See Govern- ment Employees. Employees' Compensation, Bureau of. See under Federal Security Agency. Employment Act of 1946: Amendment, date of filing Economic Report------------------------- 16 Appropriation for functions of Council of Economic Advisers under---- _ _ 178 Employment Security, Bureau of. See under Social Security Administration. Employment Service, United States. See United States Employment Service under Labor, Department of. Employment Taxes. See under Taxes. Engineer School, Army, appropriation for maintenance ---------------------- 658 Engineers, Corps of. See under Army, Department of the. England. See Great Britain. Engraving and Printing, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Enlisted Reserve Corps: Selective Service Act of 1948, exemp- tion from training and service by induction under ---------------- 610 Women, enlistment authorized ------- 362 Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Bureau of. See under Agriculture, Depart- ment of. Erie County, Ohio, flood control, prelimi- nary examination and survey, au- thorization ---------------------- 1181 Espionage, penal provisions------------- 736 Estate Tax. See under Taxes. Ethiopia, appropriation for institutions for incarcerating American convicts and insane persons --------------- 307 European Fowl Pest, funds available for eradication ---------------------- 515 European Recovery Program. See Foreign Assistance Act of 1948. Evanston, Wyo., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of -------------- 331 LI Page Everglades Region, Fla., appropriation for erosion control, etc.; State con- tribution ------------------------ 524 Evergreen Cemetery Association, Gettys- burg, Pa. , ex change of property----- 16 Excess Profits Tax, Deferred, time exten- sion for assessment ---------------- 388 Executive Branch of the Government, Commission on Organization of: Appropriation for------------------- 61 Time extension for submission of report; continuation of membership upon change of status ---------------- 1292 Executive Departments. See Government Departments and Agencies; also in- dividual titles. Executive Mansion. See under President of United States. Executive Office of the President. See Executive Office under President of the United States. Export-Import Bank of Washington: Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, making and administering of credit under ------------------ __ ----_ 146 Expenditure and contract authoriza- tions----------_ -------- ---_ --- 1185 Exports: Allocations under Second Decontrol Act of 1947, time extension; ter- mination authority ------------- 58, 342 Control- Appropriation for ------------- 219, 1039 Extension of authority of Secretary of Commerce --.-------------. 219 Economic Cooperation Act of 1948- Limitation on export of certain arti- cles, etc. , insufficient to supply requirements of participating countries --------------------- 148 Refusal of license in certain cases, recommendation of Adminis- trator.___----------------- --- 154 Export licenses, denial for certain ship- ments to countries not participating in European recovery plan, transfer of commodities to participating countries ----------------------- 1059 Flour, restriction on enforcement of certain regulations prohibiting ex- port--------------------------- 1040 Nitrogenous fertilizer materials, export for foreign aid, production in Army plants --------------------.--- 1059 Pacific Islands, exportation of arms, liquors, and narcotics to, penalty-- 748 Rubber products, exemption from certain regulations, authority of President- 102 War materials to certain countries, penalty ---------------------- 748 v