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INDEX Federal works Agency-continued. Page Public Buildings Administration-Con. District of Columbia- Courthouse, operation, mainte- nance, and repair, control of__ 235 Hospital center, appropriation for; contract authorization------. 184 Public buildings and grounds, ap- propriation for--_ -- - - -- - -- - _ 183 Executive Mansion, elimination of structural and fire hazards, ap- propriation for plans----------- 216 Furniture, use of present --------- _ 183 Geophysical Institute, Alaska, ap- propriation for; conditions------ 184 Government corporations, payments for costs of maintenance, upkeep, and repair, crediting-------_ __ _ _ 184 Heating units, coal, conversion to oil or natural gas, limitation------- 184 Howard University, construction, con - tract authority; transfers of funds ------------------ -- 215, 398 Los Angeles, Calif., conveyance at__- 323 Motor vehicle services, appropriation available for---------------- 184 National Institute of Mental Health, consolidation of appropriations for; contract authority--------- 402 Per diem employees, pay rates; em- ployment in emergencies------- 183 Printing and binding, appropriation available for------------------ 183 Public Buildings Acts, appropriation for carrying provisions into ef- fect--------------------------- 182 Public buildings and grounds outside District of Columbia, appropria- tion for-------------------- 182 , 183 St. Elizabeths Hospital, D. C., c on - struction and equipment, transfer of funds for----------------- 403 Surveys, models, etc., allocation of cost -------------


182 Transfer of funds from Social Security Administration---------------- 446 Public Roads Administration- Access roads, appropriation for------ 186 Reduction in appropriation ------ 194 Alaska, construction of roads, etc., contract authority---------- 222 , 1147 Appropriation for --------------- 184 Reduction--------------------- 194 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, park- way survey, expenditure author- ized ------------------------ 351 Convict labor, restriction on pay- ments to States employing----- 185 Depreciation of equipment, charge for ----------- ,-------- --- 185 Federal Works Agency-Continued. Public Roads Administration-Con. District of Columbia, approval of con- tracts for Federal-aid projects- .. Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1948___ Appropriations authorized ----- - 1106, Federal-aid postwar highways, ap- propriation for --------- ___ Filipino engineers, training, eligibility of engineer officers of Philippine armed forces ----------.-- Grade crossings, elimination, appro- priation for------------ _ Inter-American Highway, appropria- tion for ..-..--- _ _---- ---- Laboratory for testing and research, appropriation for construction-- Medical supplies and services, use of appropriations in emergency -- Pan-American Highway, Convention on the, appropriation for fulfilling U. S . obligations -

Philippine Rehabilitation Act, con- tract authority under --------- Warehouse maintenance, etc., ap- propriations available for ex- penses------------------- Public Works Administration- Liquidation, funds continued avail- able----------------------.. Reduction in appropriation-------- Report to Congress, Executive Mansion, plans for elimination of hazards-- Special policemen for areas under juris- diction of Federal Works Agency, uniformed guards as------ .----- Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway Company, widening tunnel, ap- proval of plans--------------- .- Water Pollution Control Act. See sep- arate title. Felonies. See Crimes and Criminal Pro- cedure, Title 18, United States Code; Crimes and Misdemeanors. Fenholloway River, Fla., preliminary ex- amination and survey, authorization_ Fermented Liquor: Imported, tax on; rate ------------- Internal-revenue taxes, refunds and credits ---------------------- Fertilizer: Improvement, appropriation for inves- tigations----------------------- Limestone for manufacture of, free im- portation------ ------------- Nitrogenous materials, allocations under Second Decontrol Act of 1947- Compounds for manufacture and de- livery for export, inclusion----- Page 552 1105 1105, 1107 186 1224 186 185 186 185 185 315 185 182 194 216 281 386 1181 1171 1259 517 583 842 LVII - I. - . . - - ..