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Income Taxes. See under Taxes. Page Independence National Historical Park, provision for establishment; appro- priation authorized ----------- 1061, 1062 Independent Offices. See also individual titles. Accounting systems------------------ 193 Appropriation Act ------------------ 176 Supplemental, 1949 ---------- _---- 1196 Citizenship requirements, employees_ -- 193 Expenditure and contract authoriza- tions ------------------------- 1185 Lifetime Federal Digest, price limita- tion--------------------------- 194 Meetings, certain, funds available for attendance at------------------- 193 Newspapers and periodicals, limitation on expenditures for-------------- 192 Overthrow of U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating---------------- 192, 1204 Reduction in appropriations---------- 194 Salaries and expenses, prohibition on payment to certain persons------- 192 Salary differential, employees outside continental United States or in Alaska------------------------- 194 Amendment, funds available; condi- tions ----------------------- 1205 Senate disapproval of nomination, re- striction on payment to person after------------------------ 194 Strikes against U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc-------------- 192, 1204 Travel provisions- Expenses, limitation -------------- 192 Living quarters allowances, appro- priations available ------------ 194 Per diem allowances in lieu of sub- sistence expenses-------------- 193 United States Code Annotated, price limitation---------------------- 194 Vehicles, cost limitation------------- 193 Veterans, restoration to former posi- tions ------------------------- 192 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1949------------------------- 176 Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1949, Supplemental --------------- 1196 Indian Affairs, Bureau of. See under Interior, Department of the. Indian Claims Commission, appropriation for ------------------------------ 187 Indian Institute, Inter-American, appro- priation for contribution----------- 308 Indian Reservation Roads, appropriation authorized ---------------------- 1107 Appropriation for------------------ 1120 Indian Wars, increase in pension rates for Page veterans and dependents ---------- 4 Indiana: Jeffersonville Flood Control District, conveyance; payment------------ 239 Judicial districts, composition ------- _ 878 Indians. See also Indian Affairs, Bureau of, under Interior, Department of the. Arts and crafts, appropriation for de- velopment ------------------- _ 1119 Attorneys employed by various tribes, appropriation for compensation- _- 1123 California, revision of roll, authorized; appropriation authorized --- _---- 1166 Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, rati- fication of contract for purchase by United States of certain lands and mineral deposits----------------- 596 Comanche County, Okla. , co nveyance; consent of tribal council of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Reserva- tion--------------------------- 1215 Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation, Oreg. , payment of revenues from certain lands into tribal funds------------------- 1237 Contracts, interest of Government em- ployees in, penalty-------------- 703 Crow Indians- Lease of trust lands---------------- 80 Sale of interests in inherited lands to_ 1214 Delaware Indians, authorization for actions in State courts to quiet title to lands described in treaty of Oct. 3, 1818 ------ ------ ------ - 17 Dumontier, Clara Keenan, sale of land to State of Montana, authorized - 248 Education, appropriation for---------- 1117 Five Civilized Tribes, Okla. See sepa- rate title. Flathead Indian irrigation project, Mont.- Adjustment of irrigation charges, pro- vision for------------------- - 269 Appropriation authorized-------- 272 Construction, continuing, appropria- tion authorized---------------- 273 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, N. Dak., per capita payments of cer- tain moneys------------------ 38 Fort Hall Indian irrigation project, Idaho, promotion of interests by land acquisitions and exclusions; definition of irrigable area, etc---- 1167 Appropriations authorized----- 1169, 1170 Fort Hall Reservation- Erroneous collections, irrigation proj- ect, appropriation for refunds, authorized------------------ 1169 INDEX LXXV