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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 cooking, heating, and lighting apparatus and fixtures and operation and maintenance thereof; maintenance of water, sewer, and plumbing systems; maintenance of and repairs to cadet camp; fire-extinguishing apparatus; machinery and tools and repairs of same; policing build- ings and grounds; furniture, refrigerators, and lockers for Govern- ment-owned buildings at the Academy and repair and maintenance thereof; fuel for heat, light, and power; pay of employees; and other necessary incidental expenses in the discretion of the superintendent; in all, $6,280,000: Provided, That not to exceed $3,750 of this amount shall be available to liquidate the indebtedness of cadets separated from the service for any reason during their first year, who at the time of their separation are in debt to the Treasurer of the United States Military Academy. CIVLIAN COMPONENTS ARMY NATIONAL GUARD For expenses necessary for equipping, maintaining, operating and training the Army National Guard, including expenses of camps, airfields, storage facilities and alterations and additions to present structures, transportation and erection of temporary structures, either on Government-owned or State-owned land, or on land made avail- able by lease or loan from any political subdivision of a State or any individual, corporation, or organization for a period of hot less than ten years, construction and maintenance of buildings, structures, rifle ranges, and facilities, the purchase (not to exceed one hundred) and hire of passenger motor vehicles for official use only, and the modifi- cation, repair, maintenance and operation of airplanes; transportation of things; personal services at the seat of government or elsewhere (including services of personnel of the Army National Guard employed as civilians, without regard to their military rank) neces- sary for the care, maintenance, modification and repair of materials and equipment, for Federal property and custodial accounting work, and for administrative and such other duties as may be required; medical and hospital treatment of members of the Army National Guard who suffer injury or contract disease in line of duty and other expenses connected therewith as authorized by the Act of June 15, 1936 (10 U. S . C. 455 a-d); pay at a rate not less than $2,400 per annum and travel of property and disbursing officers for the United States; travel expenses (other than mileage), at the same rates as authorized by law for Army National Guard personnel on active Federal duty, of Army National Guard division and regimental com- manders while inspecting units in compliance with National Guard regulations when specifically authorized by the Chief, National Guard Bureau; attendance of Army National Guard personnel at military service schools and expenses of enlisted men of the Regular Army on duty with the Army National Guard, including allowances for quarters and subsistence; drill pay of the Army National Guard; travel of personnel of the Regular Army detailed to or on duty with the Army National Guard, including mileage, transportation of dependents, and transportation, packing, crating and unpacking of household goods and effects; procurement and issue to the Army National Guard of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia of military equipment and supplies, as provided by law, including motor-propelled vehicles and airplanes, and repair and modification of such equipment and supplies; $216,000,000: Provided, That the Secretary of the Army is hereby authorized to issue to the Army National Guard without charge against this appropriation 999 Liquidation of in- debtedness of certain cadets. Training, etc. 49 Stat. 107. Attendance at mili- tary service schools Surplus supplies of Army.