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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CHS. 655, 656 -OCT. 10, 1949 SEC. 2. Suit upon such claim shall be instituted within six months after enactment of this Act, notwithstanding the lapse of time or any statute of limitations. Proceedings for the determination of such claim, and appeals from and payment of any judgment thereon, shall be in the same manner as in the case of claims over which such court has jurisdiction under the provision of section 1346 of title 28 of the United States Code. Approved October 10, 1949. [CHAPTER 656] AN ACT For the relief of Curtis R. Enos. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That jurisdiction is hereby conferred upon the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas to hear, determine, and render judgment upon, not- withstanding the lapse of time or any provision of law to the con- trary, the claim of Curtis R. Enos against the United States, for title and possession of that certain tract or parcel of land in Houston County, Texas, described as "Tract Klq" in deed from Houston County Timber Company to the United States of America, dated July 1, 1935, and recorded in volume 172, pages 1 and the following, of the Deed Records of Houston County, Texas, said tract being out of and a part of the R. S. Patton Survey, Abstract Numbered 805, in Houston County, Texas, and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at corner 1 within the R. S . Patton Survey identical with the northwest corner of the Alcy Moore thirteen-acre tract and the east corner of the Dave Franklin et al. tract a one-and-three-quarter inch iron axle for corner from which a ten-inch hickory marked X bears north forty degrees east thirty-one one-hundredths chain dis- tant, from this corner the fourth corner of the Maria J. Sanchez Survey, dated August 15, 1835, bears north forty-three degrees thirty minutes west exactly forty-nine chains distance; thence south seven degrees thirty minutes east with the lands of Alcy Moore, eighteen and forty one-hundredths chains to corner 2, the southwest corner of the Alcy Moore thirteen-acre tract and a northwest corner of the S. M . Holcomb land, a stake in an old road, witnessed by old bearing trees; a double pine snag marked X bears south forty-six degrees east twenty-four one-hundredths chain distant and a sixteen-inch pine marked X bears south seventy-three degrees west twenty-eight one- hundredths chain distant; thence south ten degrees thirty minutes east with the lands of S. M. Holcomb twenty-five and fifty one-hun- dredths chains to corner 3 a marked tree known as a water elm or ironwood for corner, witnessed by marked bearing trees on the left bank of Hickory Creek; thence westerly up and with the meanders of Hickory Creek common to the lands of S. M. Holcomb, exactly seventy-two chains to corner 4 a stake on the left bank of Hickory Creek, witnessed by marked bearing trees; thence north one degree thirty minutes west with the lands of Ned Franklin and in part with the lands of Dave Franklin et al. common to the R. S . Patton Survey and the Francis B. Conner Survey dated March 14, 1835, twenty- seven and ninety one-hundredths chains to corner 5, a stake witnessed by two pine bearing trees; thence north fifty-nine degrees east with the lands of Dave Franklin et al. within the R. S . Patton Survey 1197 Time limitation. 62 Stat. 933. 28 U. 8. 0., Supp. U, 1346 . Ante, pp. 62, 101. October 10, 1949 [H.R. 734] [Private Law 317] Curtis B. Enos.