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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 6, 1949 A-6145980, Vasquez, Jose Garcia. A-6145981, Vasquez, Elizabeth Beedle. A-5553142, Von Rabenau, Alexander Constantine (alias Alexander Olvera alias Alexander A. Rabenau). A-4205188, Wang, Hsi, or Harry Wang. A-4205176, Wang, Djao Szi, or Lily Wang. A-6099150, Widerynski, Maria Antonietta. A-6551114, Zerda, Dolores Phyllis. A-6551115, Zerda, Dale Melford Aldeous. Agreed to July 6, 1949. July 6,1949 DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS IS. Con. Res. 40] Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each alien hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months. A-5912573, Buschbell, Hans George Albert or Thomas Bell or Tommy Bell. A-9670171, Elgesem, Olav Asbjorn or Elgesen. A-9836680, Fox, William. A-6334051, Katsimpas, Fokion (alias Fokion Intzes alias Frank Katsimpas). A-9644210, Nilson, Ragnar. A-9831301, Paps, Jan. A-6454899, Sarkiss, Marie (nee Marie Takessian). A-6049961, Chavolla, Jesus. A-6703246, Christie, Lewis George. A-5886536, Costa-Ferrandiz, Ricardo. A-9541562, Gregorio, Jose Gomes. A-9777524, Intartaglia, Michele Antonio A-9632484, Kugis, Janis Osvalds. A-6709421, McLean, Horace Josiah. A-9769285, Micouleau, Guy Jacques, or Guy Micouleau. A-6374360, Salomonsen, Frede Therp, or Ole Frede Therp Salo- monsen. A-6746111, Theodorakis, James, or Dimitrios Michael. A-6491799, Tsitsinopoulos, Roula (nee Harismagoglou formerly Bolla). A-6151590, Andersen, Helge Viggo. A-6702832, Delgado, Manuel, or Manuel Delgado Hernandez. A-5719288, Di Filippo, Attilio Guiseppe (alias Attilio Guiseppe Difilippo alias Jack Di Filippo alias Di Filippo). A-6063721, Espinoza, Nicolas. A-6764661, Garbin, Stanko. A-9706006, Hamon, Albert Noel. A-7552259, Ignotus-Veigelsberg, Lily, or Lily Ignotus (nee Berenyi). A-9566153, Kamstra, Gerardus Andreas. A-6703255, Lafayette, Benedict Wilberth. A-6294498, Lianopoulos, Georgios, or George Anastase Lianopoulos. A-9745492, Matisons, Dimitrius, or Dimitrius Matisons or Mike Matisons or Mijta Matisons. A-6642394, Mesa, Jesus. A-6642393, Mesa (de) Ysidra Morales, or Ysidra Morales. A-6315317, Mora, Jesus Antonio Beltran, or Jesus Antonio Beltran or Francisco Beltran Mora. A-9552697, Nilsson, Nils Erik Gunnar. 1232 [63 STAT.