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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 6, 7, 1949 [63 STAT. A-6594747, Alatorre, Amado, or Amado De La Torre or Amado Alatorre Munoz. A-5016270, Rabsatt, Ellice, Alexander. A-5932932, Rasbatt, Esridge Minovie (nee Fahie). A-6284045, Spica, Giovanni Rosario, or John Spica. A-6422507, Torres-Espinosa, Fidensio. A-6730881, Torres, Elisia Rojar, or Elisia Rojas De Torres. A-9688512, Van Buren, Arend. A-6151257, Polo, Larry Nicholas, or Larry Mitchell or Frank Wallace. A-6151395, Polo, Rubby Anne. A-6151396, Polo, Soffee Wallace. A-6040120, Salinas, Guadalupe Salinas. Agreed to July 6, 1949. July 7,1949 DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS 1[. Con. Res. 23] Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each person hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months. A-9561344, Abrahamsen, Arne. A-6233871, Acriche, Leo Abravanel or Leon Acriche. A-5984018, Aguallo, Ofelia, or Ofelia Aguayo. A-9748978, Ahmed, Mustafa Ali (alias Mustafa Ali Achmed). A-5672802, Alter, Mollie (nee Malke Rubinstein). A-2457068, Aman, Eigene Vites. A-6195641, Amanatides, Erasmia, or Erasmia Sonikides. A-6655514, Anderson, Albert Lorenzo. A-6536080, Anjewierden, Dirk. A-6724309, Aranda, Miguel Angel, or Miguel Aranda or Miguel Aranda-Tarango. A-3882033, Arnoso, Louis Varela. A-6526204, Asher, Vivian Catherine (nee Jones). A-1862941, Atkinson, Stanley Reid. A-9559565, Augustinius, Jose Herman. A-4024370, Bain, Zacharias, or Zechariah Bain (alias Zachirihi Bain alias Zacirihi Bain). A-2499593, Bank, John. A-7592940, Baptiste, Emma Josefina (nee Lujan Molina). A-4354716, Baur, Ludwig, or Ludwig Bauer. A-4188915, Bechara, Joseph Charles, or Joseph Bechara or Joseph Charles. A-2069293, Beckford, Percival. A-5342459, Bernier, Ann Claudine (nee De Freitas). A-3121501, Betz Fred August, or Friedrich August Betz or Fred- erick August Betz or Fred Betz. A-4826785, Bin, Anita (nee Toppazinni). A-9666533, Blom, Jan Leendert. A-3081497, Boffa, Luciano. A-5309178, Bould, James. A-5971012, Bousses, Nicolaos Stamatiou. A-9769305, Bradley, John Hubert. A-5991350, Brandon, Bertha Emily (nee Field). A-1278361, Burrows, John James (alias Jack Burrows). A-6489021, Campbell, Alexander. A-2817248, Candelora, Francesca (nee Zaffino). A-4743272, Castro, Mercedes, formerly Mercedes Alvarez (nee Mer- cedes Figueroa).