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81ST CONG. , IST SESS.-JULY 20, 1949 A-3289766, Cipolat, Romano. A-1235054, Cohen, Dora (nee Rom). A-6798522, Coutsis, Elias Athanasius or Koutsis. A-7005140, Cristiani, Henrietta Edith, or Henrietta Cristiani. A-5343796, Cybulski, Benjamin, or Robert Gordon or Manuel Solis or Josef or Joseph Royer or Emilio Valdez or Emilio Honorato Valdez Ramirez or Myer Bursyn or Burstein or Benumek Subelsky or ubelsky. A-3249572, DeGarciaduenas, Adela Aguilera. A-6429946, DeLeon, Manuel Valencia. A-6671577, Del Valle, Raul Rodriguez, or Raul Del Valle. A-6323500, DePolendo, Genoveva Zavala. A-6297365, Dittner, Pierre Raymond. A-6194152, Eng, Winifred, or Winifred Ho Chong or Ho Gum Lan. A-6440402, Fischer, Bela. A-2856078, Fox, Irene (nee Fuchs or Ronia Malka Fuchs). 56051/858, Gali, Orzaio. A-2358225, Gensen, Friedrich Paul, or Frederick Gensen. A-5942350, Godinez, Juan. A-6282215, Griffin, Robin Delmar. A-9769331, Grizopoulos, George. A-7629777, Grove, Marmaduke, or Marmaduke Grove-Valenzuela. A-6226149, Guillemette, Dorothy Leslie. A-4745611, Harb, Salem Abraham Esah. A-5382338, Hobbs, Ernest Frank. A-4698673, Horvath, Zofia Mary Rawicz, or Zofia Mary Rawicz Oldakowska. A-6707622, Koenig, Brigitta. A-6489133, Kyriakakis, Constas. A-1972384, Lawson, Marjorie Ing-Kai (alias Marjorie Naitto). A-7539114, Lee, Yung Tsin. A-4593373, Lee, Joseph Tsu-An, or Jew On Lee or Joseph On Lee orLeeJewOnorJoeOnLee. A-3454683, Leibovitch, Harold. A-6405605, Lorenz, Kurt Paul. A-6581437, Madrid, Manuel. A-6581438, Madrid, Maria Elodia. A-3405450, Matiatos, Spiros. A-9533326, Matthios, Theodoros, or Terry Matthios. A-6491875, Meireles, Domingos Amaral. A-6261594, Mishas, Efthimia (nee Mandicas). A-6533340, Nahra, Gabriel, or Nahara. A-1788665, Nemes, Bella, or Bill Names. A-6450508, Niethe, Karl Wilhelm. A-5295304, Onorati, Umberto, or Albert Onorati. A-6022600, Orta, Maria De La Luz, or Maria De La Luz Horta. A-6022602, Orta, Pilar, or Pilar Horta. A-6022601, Orta, Ramona, or Ramona Horta. A-5952938, Palmisano, Gaetano. A-3491965, Panoiera, Mario. A-6268180, Pandelaras, Paraskevi Gregory (nee Paraskevi Aposto- lou Pavlou). A-3435006, Papadatos, Evangelos Gregorious, or Angelos Papas. A-6355563, Perez, Antonio, or Antonio Perez Matesanta. A-6811080, Perez, Virginia Soto, or Virginia Soto Lagos Perez. A-6704624, Pieber, Gerda, or Bessie Soukaras. A-1324167, Pinto, Alessio. A-6339441, Pollett, Robert Anderson. A-5974374, Ramirez, Jesus, or Jesus Ramirez-Carrasco. A-6711690, Randolph, Frank Charles. 63 STAT.I 1241