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1949 [63 STAT. Aug.a2 4C, J-1949 A-1514544, Casas, Jose, or Jose Casas Rosales or Jose Covos or Cobos. A-6234266, Edwards, Muriel, or Muriel Daniel or Daneil. A-4456999, Ferghina, Teobald Isaia, or Ubaldo Isaia Ferghina. A-6193663, Flores, Buenaventura Garcia, or Buenaventura Flores (alias Joe Garcia). A-3161313, Francz, Jacob, or Jacob Frantz. A-6241948, Gagner, Marie (nee Minard or Mimi). A-4947594, Gilcourt, Charles Henry, or Chas. Gilcort or Charles Gilcourt or Gilcort. A-7511447, Hall, Bertram Carlton. A-5932958, Harrigan, Ethel Margery (nee Peterson). A-5133402, Henden, John Hovde. A-2724762, Kelly, Joseph Francis. A-5965000, Krost, Ernst Wilhelm. A-4521987, Kruse, William Herbert. A-2813449, Leon-Sanchez, Jose Gregorio, or Jose G. Leon. A-6373564, Lopez, Mauro (alias Mauro Lopez Rodriguez). A-6624960, Morales, Esteban. A-3478894, Pavich, Joseph, or Jose Pavic or Yoso Pavic. A-2883717, Perales, Carmen Dolores Guevara, or Carmen Guevara or Carmen D. Guevara or Camoli. A-5911572, Raymond, Inez Eugenia (nee McKelly or Inez Eueenia Raymond). A-6578928, Reasola, Antonio. A-6578929, Reasola, Maria Remedios Olvera. A-2288481, Sacco, Pietro Vincenzo. A-5331600, Saia, Carmelo. A-4704221, Scarcella, Leonardo Agostino. A-5985487, Silano, Carmine Sabino. A-5612486, Smith, Richard (alias Richard Valba). A-6677956, Storie, William Aitken Stewart. A-1626396, Tchekowitch, Alexander Borisovich, or Alexis Boris Alexander. A-2578314, Von Hoefer, Frederic Joseph, or Fred Von Hoefer. Agreed to July 20, 1949. August 2, 1904 8. Con.I Bes. 9] BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO HONORABLE HERBERT HOOVER Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress hereby extends to the Honorable Herbert Hoover, our only living ex-President, its cordial birthday greetings on his seventy-fifth birthday and expresses its admiration and gratitude for his devoted service to his country and to the world; and that the Congress hereby expresses its hope that he be spared for many more years of useful and honorable service; and be it further Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit a copy of this resolution to Mr. Hoover. Agreed to August 2, 1949. August 4,194 CERTAIN INDIAN LANDS HELD IN TRUST BY UNITED STATES Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), Cange n enll- That, i the enrollment of the bill (S. 1323) to declare that the United A.e, p. W. States holds certain lands in trust for the Pueblo Indians and the Canoncita Navajo group in New Mexico, and for other purposes, the Secretary of the Senate be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed