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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 155 -MAY 31, 1949 U. S .representative. U. S . representative as arbitrator. Cooperation with Federal and State agencies. Martin Reservoir Project they shall be subject to the approval of the District Engineer in charge of said Project; "(3) Perform all functions required to implement this Compact and to do all things necessary, proper or convenient in the performance of its duties. "C. The membership of the Administration shall consist of three representatives from each State who shall be appointed by the re- spective Governors for a term not to exceed four years. One Colorado representative shall be a resident of and water right owner in Water Districts 14 or 17, one Colorado representative shall be a resident of and water right owner in Water District 67, and one Colorado repre- sentative shall be the Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Two Kansas representatives shall be residents of and water right owners in the counties of Finney, Kearny or Hamilton, and one Kansas representative shall be the chief State official charged with the administration of water rights in Kansas. The President of the United States is hereby requested to designate a representative of the United States, and if a representative is so designated he shall be an ex-officio member and act as chairman of the Administration with- out vote. "D. The State representatives shall be appointed by the respective Governors within thirty days after the effective date of this Compact. The Administration shall meet and organize within sixty days after such effective date. A quorum for any meeting shall consist of four members of the Administration: Provided, that at least two members are present from each State. Each State shall have but one vote in the Administration and every decision, authorization or other action shall require unanimous vote. In case of a divided vote on any matter within the purview of the Administration, the Administration may, by subsequent unanimous vote, refer the matter for arbitration to the Representative of the United States or other arbitrator or arbitrators, in which event the decision made by such arbitrator or arbitrators shall be binding upon the Administration. "E. (1) The salaries, if any, and the personal expenses of each member shall be paid by the government which he represents. All other expenses incident to the administration of this Compact which are not paid by the United States shall be borne by the States on the basis of 60 per cent by Colorado and 40 per cent by Kansas. "(2) In each even numbered year the Administration shall adopt and transmit to the Governor of each State its budget covering antici- pated expenses for the forthcoming biennium and the amount thereof payable by each State. Each State shall appropriate and pay the amount due by it to the Administration. "(3) The Administration shall keep accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements and shall include a statement thereof, together with a certificate of audit by a certified public accountant, n its annual report. Each State shall have the right to make an examina- tion and audit of the accounts of the Administration at any time. "F. Each state shall provide such available facilities, equipment and other assistance as the Administration may need to carry out its duties. To supplement such available assistance the Administration may employ engineering, legal, clerical and other aid as in its judgment may be necessary for the performance of its functions. Such employees shall be paid by and be responsible to the Administration, and shall not be considered to be employees of either State. "G. (1) The Administration shall cooperate with the chief offi- cial of each State charged with the administration of water rights and with Federal agencies in the systematic determination and corre- lation of the facts as to the flow and diversion of the waters of the 150 [63 STAT.