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275 63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 246-JUNE 25, 1949 nothing herein contained shall prevent any assisting member state from assuming such loss, damage, expense or other cost or from loaning such equipment or from donating such services to the receiving member state without charge or cost. Each member state shall provide for the payment of compensation and death benefits to injured employees and the representatives of deceased employees in case employees sustain injuries or are killed while rendering outside aid pursuant to this compact, in the same manner and on the same terms as if the injury or death were sustained within such state. For the purposes of this compact the term employee shall include any volunteer or auxiliary legally included within the forest fire fight- ing forces of the aiding state under the laws thereof. The Commission shall formulate procedures for claims and reim- bursement under the provisions of this article. Aid by a member state to an area subject to federal jurisdiction beyond the borders of such state shall not be required under this com- pact unless substantially the same provisions of this article relative to powers, liabilities, losses and expenses in connection with such aid are embodied in federal laws. ARTICLE X When appropriations for the support of this Commission or for the support of common services maintained by the Commission or a section thereof under the provisions of Article V are necessary, the Commission or section thereof shall allocate the costs among the states affected with consideration of the amounts of forested land in those states that will receive protection from the service to be rendered and the extent of the forest fire problem involved in each state, and shall submit its recommendations accordingly to the legislatures of the affected states. The Commission shall submit to the governor of each state, at such time as he may request, a budget of its estimated expenditures for such period as may be required by the laws of such state for presentation to the legislature thereof. The Commission shall keep accurate books of account, showing in full its receipts and disbursements, and said books of account shall be open at any reasonable time to the inspection of such representatives of the respective signatory states as may be duly constituted for that purpose. On or before the first day of December of each year, the Commission shall submit to the respective governors of the signatory states a full and complete report of its activities for the preceding year. ARTICLE XI The representatives from any member state may appoint and consult with an advisory committee composed of persons interested in forest fire protection. The Commission may appoint and consult with an advisory com- mittee of representatives of all affected groups, private and govern- mental. ARTICLE XII The Commission may accept any and all donations, gifts and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials and services from the federal or any local government, or any agency thereof and from any person, firm or corporation, for any of its purposes and functions under this compact, and may receive and utilize the same subject to the terms, conditions and regulations governing such donations, gifts and grants.