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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 338 -JULY 15, 1949 (d) Section 3709, as amended, of the Revised Statutes shall not apply to any contract for services or supplies on account of any prop- erty acquired pursuant to this title if the amount of such contract does not exceed $1,000. (e) Not more than 10 per centum of the funds provided for in this title, either in the form of loans or grants, shall be expended in any one State. PAYMENT FOR LAND USED FOR LOW-RENT PUBLIC HOUSING SEC. 107. If the land for a low-rent housing project assisted under the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended, is made available from a project assisted under this title, payment equal to the fair value of the land for the uses specified in accordance with the re- development plan shall be made therefor by the public housing agency undertaking the housing project, and such amount shall be included as part of the development cost of the low-rent housing project. SURPLUS FEDERAL REAL PROPERTY SEC. 108. The President may at any time in his discretion, transfer, or cause to be transferred, to the Administrator any right, title, or interest held by the Federal Government or any department or agency thereof in any land (including buildings thereon) which is surplus to the needs of the Government and which a local public agency certifies will be within the area of a project being planned by it. When such land is sold to the local public agency by the Administrator, it shall be sold at a price equal to its fair market value, and the proceeds from such sale shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. PROTECTION OF LABOR STANDARDS SEC. 109. In order to protect labor standards- (a) Any contract for financial aid pursuant to this title shall contain a provision requiring that not less than the salaries pre- vailing in the locality, as determined or adopted (subsequent to a determination under applicable State or local law) by the Admin- istrator, shall be paid to all architects, technical engineers, drafts- men, and technicians employed in the development of the project involved and shall also contain a provision that not less than the wages prevailing in the locality, as predetermined by the Secretary of Labor pursuant to the Davis-Bacon Act (49 Stat. 1011), shall be paid to all laborers and mechanics employed in the development of the project involved; and the Administrator shall require cer- tification as to compliance with the provisions of this paragraph prior to making any payment under such contract; (b) The provisions of title 18 U. S . C ., section 874, and of title 40 U. S. C ., section 276c, shall apply to any project financed in whole or in part with funds made available pursuant to this title; (c) Any contractor engaged on any project financed in whole or in part with funds made available pursuant to this title shall report monthly to the Secretary of Labor, and shall cause all subcontractors to report in like manner, within five days after the close of each month and on forms to be furnished by the United States Department of Labor, as to the number of persons on their respective pay rolls on the particular project, the aggre- gate amount of such pay rolls, the total man-hours worked, and itemized expenditures for materials. Any such contractor shall furnish to the Department of Labor the names and addresses of all subcontractors on the work at the earliest date practicable 419 41U.S.C.§5. Ante, p. 403. Expenditure in any one State. 50 Stat. 888. 42U.S.C.§§1401- 1431; Supp. II, § 1402 et seq. Post, pp. 422-431 . 40U.8.0. §i276a- 276a-5; Supp. II, i 270-5 note. 18 U. S. C., Supp. II, I 874. Ante, p . 108. Monthly report.