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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., IST SESS.-OH. 393-AUG. 4, 1949 551 Sec. 760. Disability or death benefits for temporary members. 761. Engaging in civil occupation; leave for training duty. 762. Women's Reserve. § 751. Purpose and administration of Reserve The Coast Guard Reserve, as established on June 23,1939, is a mili- tary organization and a component part of the Coast Guard for the purpose of providing a trained force of officers and enlisted persons which, added to the personnel of the regular Coast Guard, will be adequate to enable the Coast Guard to perform its functions and duties at all times. The Reserve shall be administered by the Commandant under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury, with the concurrence of the Secretary of the Navy, may prescribe. § 752. Eligibility The Reserve shall be composed of citizens of the United States and of its territories and possessions, between the ages of 17 and 62, who are physically and otherwise qualified for the performance of duty, and who, through appointment or enlistment therein, obligate them- selves to serve in the Coast Guard in time of war or during any period of national emergency declared by the President to exist. § 753. Term; duty; training (a) The term of appointment or enlistment in the Reserve shall be for three years. In time of war or national emergency declared by the President to exist any member of the Reserve may be ordered to active duty for the duration of the war or until the termination of the emergency as declared by the President, and may be continued on such active duty for such duration and six months thereafter not- withstanding that the term of appointment or enlistment may have expired. In time of peace, except for disciplinary purposes as pro- vided in section 758 of this title, no member of the Reserve may be Pot, -.552. ordered to or continued on active duty without his consent except that any member of the Reserve may be continued on active duty in the interest of national defense for a period not to exceed six months after the termination of a war or national emergency as proclaimed by the President. The Commandant may release any member of the Reserve from active duty at any time. In time of peace, members of the Reserve may, with their consent, be given training or other duty either with or without pay as authorized by the Secretary. When authorized training or other duty without pay is performed by mem- bers of the Reserve, they may, in the discretion of the Secretary, be furnished with transportation to and from such duty, with subsistence and transfers en route, and, during the performance of such duty with subsistence in kind or commutation thereof at a rate to be fixed by the Secretary. § 754. Grades and ratings; military authority The grades and ratings, including cadets, in the Reserve shall be the various grades and ratings not above rear admiral, prescribed by law for the Coast Guard. Members of the Reserve, while engaged on active duty, shall be vested with the same power, authority, rights, and privileges in the execution of their duty and shall wear the same uni- forms as members of the regular Coast Guard of corresponding grades or ratings. § 755. Pay, allowances, and other benefits (a) Personnel of the Reserve when engaged on active duty, on active duty while undergoing training, on training duty with pay, or when