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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS. -CHS. 414, 415-AUG. 10, 1949 eighty-one one-hundredths, east thirty-five thousand seven hundred and seven and sixty-nine one-hundredths-said coordinates are devel- oped from triangulation station "Cedar" whose coordinates are north forty-three thousand five hundred and seventeen and seventeen one- hundredths, east thirty-five thousand two hundred and eighteen and fifty-six one-hundredths-and the bearings given are true grid bear- ings-bearing from triangulation station "Cedar" to reference monu- ment numbered 3 for station "Cedar" north six degrees thirty-eight minutes nine seconds east, thence leaving the said north right-of-way line of Southway north no degrees no minutes no seconds east seven hundred and thirty-eight and nineteen one-hundredths feet to a con- crete monument; thence due east one hundred and seven and thirty- one one-hundredths feet to a concrete monument; thence south fifty- four degrees seven minutes fifty seconds east four hundred and one and six one-hundredths feet to a concrete monument; thence south seventy-six degrees forty-eight minutes thirty seconds east two hun- dred and thirty feet to a concrete monument; thence south no degrees forty-four minutes no seconds west two hundred and seventy-seven and three one-hundredths feet to a concrete monument on the north right-of-way line of Southway; thence with the said north right-of- way line of Southway and along the arc of a curve to the right whose components are: Arc six hundred and eighty-three and nine one- hundredths, radius one thousand three hundred and thirteen, delta twenty-nine degrees forty-eight minutes thirty seconds, tangent three hundred and forty-nine and forty-six one-hundredths, chord six hun- dred and seventy-five and forty-two one-hundredths, chord bearing south seventy-five degrees five minutes forty-five seconds west to the point of beginning; containing eight and three one-hundredths acres exactly. The United States shall be saved harmless from or reimbursed for such costs incidental to the conveyance as the Commissioner may deem proper. SEC. 2. The land authorized to be conveyed by the first section of this Act shall be used by the grantee for purposes of a site for a National Guard Armory and for training the National Guard or for other military purposes, and the conveyance of such land shall con- tain the express condition that if the grantee shall fail or cease to use such land for such purposes, or shall alienate or attempt to alienate such land, title thereto shall, at the option of the United States, revert to the United States. SEC. 3 . Sections 1 and 2 of this Act shall not be effective until the Governor of the State of Maryland shall certify in writing to the Secretary of Defense that such land is needed by the State of Mary- land for the purposes of a site for a National Guard Armory and for training the National Guard or for other military purposes and that such land is suitable for such purposes. Approved August 10, 1949. [CHAPTER 415] AN AfT 593 Use. Reversion of title to U.S. Certification by Governor. August 10, 1949 To revise and codify laws of the Canal Zone regarding the administration of [. 1137] estates, and for other purposes. [Public Law 219] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That title 2 of the Canal Zone Code, approved June 19, 1934 (48 Stat. 1122), is amended by adding in article 1 of chapter 6 thereof a new section numbered 84, reading as follows: "84. PAYMENT FOR ACCUMULATED OR ACCRUED LEAVE UPON DEATH.- Upon the death of any officer or employee of the Panama Canal or the 81939° -50-PT. I 38 Canal Zone Code, amendments.