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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 422 -AUG. 12, 1949 any or all of the facilities and appurtenances referred to in paragraph Antep. 601. (a) or (b) of section 51 of this title to be organized and conducted by the Panama Canal as 'business operations', and in such case the aggregate net profit if any accruing from the conduct of such business operations shall annually be covered into the Treasury of the United States. "53. RECEIPTS FROM SUCH OPERATIONS, SALES, AND SERVICES; EX- PENDITURE AND REINVESTMENT; REPORTS. -The moneys received by the Ante, . 601. Panama Canal from the operations authorized by sections 51 and 52 of this title, and from pilotage, quarantine, immigration, and like services, from rentals, from damage claims, and from any and all other sales made and services rendered, but not including tolls, taxes, court fees, or fines, may be expended or reinvested under the several heads of appropriation for the Panama Canal, without being covered into the Treasury of the United States except as provided in section 52 of this title; but, except as otherwise provided in this section, such funds shall be subject to the provisions of law relating to public funds Reports to ressi- of the United States. Monthly reports of such receipts and expendi- tures shall be made to the President and annual reports shall be made to the Congress. "54. EXCEPTION OF CANAL ZONE POSTAL SERVICE.- The provisions Ante, p. 601 . of sections 51 to 53 of this title shall have no application to operations of the Canal Zone Postal Service." SEC. 3 . Title 2 of the Canal Zone Code is amended by adding in article 1 of chapter 6 thereof a new section numbered 85 and reading as follows: "85. SPECIAL TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES. -The Governor of the Panama Canal is authorized, within the limits of appropriations made therefor, to provide for special training in the United States or else- where of any employee of the Panama Canal when in the judgment of the Governor such special training will be of material benefit to the work of the Panama Canal and the special training of such employee would be more advantageous than the hiring of other avail- able personnel having the specialized skill or experience desired. Dur- ing the period of such special training the employee may be paid his regular compensation and his travel expenses in accordance with the Standardized Government Travel Regulations and the Subsistence 44 Stat. s. Expense Act of 1926, as amended, subject to recovery by the United 5U.S.C.§821 p. Ante, p. 167. States of such costs or an equitable portion thereof, as determined by the Governor, in case the employee fails to complete such training or is separated from the service except for reasons beyond his control within one year following the completion of the period of training." SEC. 4 . Title 2 of the Canal Zone Code is amended by adding in article 3 of chapter 6 thereof a new section numbered 124 and reading as follows: "124. EMPLOYEES INJURED PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 7, 1916; APPLIANCES; LUMP-SUM PAYMENTS.- T he Governor of the Panama Canal is author- ized to purchase artificial limbs or other appliances for persons who were injured in the service of the Isthmian Canal Commission or of the Panama Canal prior to September 7, 1916, and to make payments in lump sums not exceeding the amounts authorized by the Act of 9 Stat. 742. September 7,1916, as amended (U. S. C . . title 5, ch. 15), to alien cripples 5 U.S. C. §§ 751-791 , 93S. wi'ho are now a charge upon the Panama Canal by reason of injuries Post, p. 854. sustained while employed in the construction of the Panama Canal." SEC. 5 . Title 6 of the Canal Zone Code is amended by adding in chapter 27 thereof a new section numbered 906 and reading as follows: "906. CLOTHING AND MONEY FOR DISCHARGED PRISONERS.-On the discharge of a prisoner from any penal institution in the Canal Zone such prisoner may, in the discretion of the Governor of the Panama 602 [63 STAT.