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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 662-OCT. 10, 1949 CAPITOL POLICE Capitol Police Board: For an additional amount to enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to reimburse the government of the District of Columbia for the salary of one Metropolitan policeman assigned to the Capitol Police Board to provide additional protection for the Capitol Buildings and Grounds, fiscal year 1950, $3,754.51. ARCHIrrCT OF THE CAPITOL CAPITOL BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS House Office Buildings: For an additional amount for the fiscal year 1950, $21,890. THE JUDICIARY SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Preparation of Rules for Civil Procedure: For expenses of the Supreme Court incident to proposed amendments or additions to the Rules for Civil Procedure for the District Courts of the United States pursuant to title 28, United States Code, Sec. 2072, including personal services in the District of Columbia and printing and binding, to be expended as the Chief Justice in his discretion may approve, including such per diem allowance in lieu of actual expenses for subsistence at rates to be fixed by him not to exceed $10 per day, $5,000, to remain available until June 30, 1950. FUNDS APPROPRIATED TO THE PRESIDENT ASSISTANCE TO THE REPUBLIC OF KoREA For expenses necessary to continue assistance to the Republic of Korea during the period July 1 to October 15, 1949, at the same rate and under the same terms and conditions as in the fiscal year 1949, pending the enactment of legislation outlining the terms and con- ditions under which further assistance is to be rendered, $30,000,000, of which not to exceed $375,000 shall be available for administrative expenses: Provided, That all obligations incurred during the period between August 15, 1949, and the date of enactment of this Act in anticipation of such appropriation and authority are hereby ratified and confirmed if in accordance with the terms thereof: Providedfur- ther, That the funds appropriated pursuant to the joint resolution of June 30, 1949 (Public Law 154), as amended by the joint resolution of August 1, 1949 (Public Law 196), for assistance to the Republic of Korea, shall be charged to this appropriation. CARE, HANDLING, AND DISPOSAL OF SURPLUS PROPERTY ABROAD Not to exceed $7,500,000 of the unobligated balance on June 30, 1949, of funds appropriated under this head in the Second Deficiency Appro- priation Act, 1948, and allocated to the Department of the Army, shall remain available to said Department until December 31, 1949, for expenses necessary for the care and handling of surplus property located outside the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and for the care and handling of surplus property located in the United States but disposed of to foreign gov- ernments: Provided, That $6,000,000 of the amount herein continued available shall be used exclusively for the care and handling of surplus property located in the United States but disposed of to foreign governments 739 Ante, p. 222. Ante, p. 224. 62 Stat. 961 . 28 U. 8. C., Supp. I, §02. Ante, pp. 104 , 446. Ratification and confirmation of obliga- tions. Ante, p. 404. Ante, p. 486 62 Stat. 1030. Snrp.s property in U. S.