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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 680 -OCT. 12, 1949 equipment, machinery, supplies, buildings, and docks surplus to its needs in the Caribbean area, which may be certified by the Department of the Interior as needed for any authorized activity of the government of the Virgin Islands. For necessary expenses of the agricultural station in the Virgin Islands, $50,000, to be expended by and under the direction of the Governor. Municipal governments: For expenses of the government of the Virgin Islands in excess of current local revenues for the current fiscal year, municipality of Saint Thomas and Saint John, $279,200, and municipality of Saint Croix, $465,800, to be paid to the respective municipal treasuries in monthly installments; and the said municipal governments are hereby authorized to make purchases for their hos- pitals, schools, and other public institutions, through the Bureau of Federal Supply of the Treasury Department. GENERAL PROVISIONS-DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR SEC. 102. Appropriations herein made shall be available for the purchase of vehicles generally known as quarter-ton or half-ton pick-up trucks, as suburban carry-all trucks, and as station wagons without such vehicles being considered as passenger motor vehicles. SEa. 103. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, aliens may be employed during the current fiscal year in the field service of the Department for periods of not more than thirty days in cases of emergency caused by fire, flood, storm, act of God, or sabotage. SEC. 104. Appropriations in this title available for travel expenses shall be available, when specifically authorized by the head of the bureau or office concerned, for expenses of attendance of officers and employees at meetings or conventions of members of societies or asso- ciations concerned with the work of the bureau or office for which the appropriation concerned is made. SEC. 105. Limitations on amounts to be expended for personal serv- ices under appropriations in this title shall not apply to lump-sum leave payments pursuant to the Act of December 21,1944 (5 U. S . C . 61b-d). SEC. 106. Appropriations herein made shall be available for payment of dues, when authorized by the Secretary, for library membership in societies or associations which issue publications to members only or at a price to members lower than to subscribers who are not members. SEC. 107. Appropriations in this title shall be available for health service programs as authorized by law (5 U. S. C. 150). SEC. 108. Appropriations in this title shall be available for payment of claims pursuant to section 403 of the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S . C.2672). SEC. 109. In purchasing lawbooks, books of reference, and peri- odicals, and in completing broken sets, the Secretary or his duly authorized representative may exchange similar items and apply the exchange allowances in such cases in whole or in partpayment therefor. SEC. 110. No part of any appropriation contained in this title shall be used directly or indirectly by way of wages, salaries, per diem or otherwise, for the performance of any new administrative function or the enforcement or issuance of any rule or regulation occasioned by the establishment of the Jackson Hole National Monument as described in Executive Proclamation Numbered 2578, dated March 15, 1943. TITLE II-GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 201. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act, or of the funds available for expenditure by any corporation included in this Act, shall be used to pay the salary or wages of any person who engages in a strike against the Government of the United States 81939'-- 0-PT . --- 1 801 Agricultural station. Purchase of vehicles. Emergency employ- ment of aliens. Attendance at meet- ings. Lump-sum payments. 58 Stat. 845. Dues, etc. leave 60 Stat. 903. 60 Stat. 843; 62 Stat. 983. 28 U. 8. C., Supp. nI, §2672. Ante, pp. 62,106. Jackson Hole Na- tional Monument. 57 Stat. 31. Persons engaging etc. , in strikes against or advocating over- throw of U. a. Oov- einment.