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•^"*^ Defense, Department of—Continued. ^^^ Defense, Department of—Continued. Public moneys—Continued. General provisions— Use of receipts from sales, etc ^. 446 Defense Appropriation Act, 1962 444 Public works. See Construction and F o u r t h Supplemental Appropriation maintenance, this title. Act, 1951 50 Quarters, cost limitation 446 Gold star lapel b u t to n s, formulation, Rations, commuted, for enlisted perdesign, etc., authority of the Secretary 195 sonnel 448 Appropriation authorized 196 Reenlistment bonus 653 Gratuities, restriction on acceptance Renegotiation Act of 1951 7 from contractors 450 Renegotiation Board, approval of recHousing. See separate title. ommendations to membership 19 Income tax. See under Taxes. Reports to Congress— Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Staff, Claims arising from correction of appropriation for 423 military or naval records, payL and purchase contracts, limitation on ments, etc 656 commission 445 Disbursements of appropriation 424 L a u n d r y and dry cleaning facilities, limiNational Security Training Corps, tation 765 training value, costs, etc 82 Liquors, intoxicating, regulation of sale, Security clearance of personnel under etc., near camps or posts, authority. 88 M u t u a l Security Act of 1951 381 M a n e u v e r areas, funds available for Research and Development Board, a p roads in 422 propriation for 423 Meetings, funds available for a t t e n d Restriction on payments to, for sales of ance a t 445 supplies or war materials 757 Messes a t which meals are sold to offiRetired officers, authority for employcers or civilians, restriction on use ment— of appropriation for 448 Arkansas River Compact, U. S. Military functions, appropriation for... 423 representative 259 Military Public Works Appropriation Central Intelligence Agency 89 Act, 1952 764 Veterans Administration 662 Missing Persons Act, amendment, travel Retired pay, appropriation for 424 of dependents and transportation Schooling for dependents of personnel on of effects 207 military installations or in foreign Munitions Board, appropriation for 423 countries, funds available 446, 447 M u t u a l Defense Assistance Control Act of 1951 644 Secretary, Office of, appropriation for.. 423 M u t u a l Security Act of 1951— Security clearance for personnel under Functions under 379 M u t u a l Security Act of 1951, auL i m i t a t i o n on furnishing of military t h o r i t y of Secretary 381 items 380 Small business, American, assistance to. 448 National Housing Council, inclusion of Strikes against U. S. Government, reSecretary or designee in memberstriction on employment of persons ship of 317 engaging in 449, 766 Officers' shore quarters, restriction on Trade Agreements Extension Act of use of appropriations for table 1951, advice to President under 73 linen, dishes, etc., for use in 448 Travel expenses, charge to appropriaOverthrow of U. S. Government, restrictions available for travel or t r a n s tion on employment of p)ersons adportation 445 vocating 449, 766 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and P a y and allowances of military personsatellites, arms, materiel, emnel, restriction on transfer and use bargoed commodities, etc., certificaof funds 444 tion of, to Administrator for Postage, free, for members in specified Economic Cooperation 63 areas, time extension of privileges.. 90 Repeal 647 Prisoners of war, etc., appropriation for Universal Military Training and Service maintenance, pay, etc 446 Act. See separate title. Public moneys— Advances of, nonapplicability of reVessels, damages caused by, authority to striction on , 444 settle claims, etc 572