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^*s® Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act ^"^^ of 1951—Continued. 116 Local currency funds, expenses charge671 able to 647 M u t u a l Defense Assistance Act of 1949, 263 applicability of designated provisions ^ 647 339 Repeals 647 Reports to Congress— 354 Determinations by the President 646 Studies and recommendations 647 c20 Soviet Socialist Republics, Union of, and satellites, termination of assistance 421 to countries trading with 645, 646 Continuance of assistance, authority of the President 646 348 Technical experts and engineering conMunitions Board. See under Defense, sultants, employment authorized; Department of. restriction 647 Muroc Air Force Base, Calif., range b o m b Mutual Security Act of 1951 373 ing facility, construction a u t h o r i z e d.. 339 Administrative services, funds availMuscat, a p p r o p r i a t i o n for institutions able 384, 732 for incarcerating American convicts American Republics 377 and insane persons 576 Appropriation authorized 373-377 Mustering-Out Payment Act of 1944, F u t u r e authorizations 382 appropriation for payments to certain Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 730 persons discharged from Military Asia and Pacific 375 Academy or Naval Academy for Civilian employees under, salary limiphysical disabilities 426 tation 732 Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949: Collective defense facilities in foreign Amendments— countries, funds available 384 Excess equipment, limitation on Congressional committee expenses 385 a m o u n t to be furnished, increase. 385 Counterpart, use of 385 Transfer of equipment; reimbursable Defense, Secretary of, responsibilities aid 385 under 379 Appropriation for effecting provisions, Detail of personnel to foreign governauthorized 373-377 ments and international organizappropriation for 113, 730 tions 380 Availability of funds 384, 730 Director— Collective defense facilities in foreign Duties, etc 377 countries, funds available 384 National Security Council, memberExpiration date 386 ship on 378 M u t u a l Defense Assistance Control Act Effective date 387 of 1951, applicability of designated Eligibility for assistance 381 provisions to 647 Europe 373 Purpose of M u t u a l Security Act of 1951, Excess equipment 385 inclusion 373 Expiration of program 386 Transfer of certain naval vessels under, Free enterprise, encouragement of 382 authorized 322, 323 Guaranties 384 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and International security organizations, funds available for U. S. participasatellites, restriction on aid to tion 384 countries exporting arms, etc., to.. 63 Israel, appropriation for assistance to Repeal 647 refugees in 375 Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act Loans 384 of 1951 644 Local currency 383 Administrator, responsibility, functions, etc 645 M u t u a l Security Agency. See separate Availability of funds for carrying out title. provisions 647 Near E a s t and Africa . 374 E m b a r g o on war materials, etc 645 Organization and general provisions 377 Motor Carrier Claims Commission—Con. Termination date Mount Desert, Maine, payment to Mount McKinley National Park, appropriation for Alaska Railroad facilities. Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot, Wash., construction of facilities, authorized._ Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. _ Muir Woods National Monument, Calif., enlargement, proclamation Multiple Sclerosis, presumption of service connection in cases of certain veterans. Munhall, Pa., Naval Inspector of Materials, acquisition of land and improvements, authorized