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SUBJECT Treasury Department—Continued. •^*^* Secretary— Office of, appropriation for 182, 739 Reduction 755 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, membership on Loan Policy Board 773 Strikes against U. S. Government, restriction on employment of persons engaging in 188 Surplus Fund-Certified Claims Act of 1949, disposals of unobligated funds pursuant to— Filipino Rehabilitation Commission__ 273, 274 President, emergency fund for 268 Treasurer, Office of, appropriation for._ 183 Reduction 755 Treasury buildings, guard force, funds for; Secret Service agents as supervisors 185 Veterans Administration, availability of funds for certain loans, authorization; extension of time limitation __ 317 War risk, aviation, and liability insurance, creation of fund for 66 White House Police. See separate title. Treaties: North Atlantic T r e a t y, appropriation for assistance to participating countries, etc., authorized , 373 Appropriation for 730 Limitation 386 Revenue Act of 1951, nonapplicability of provisions when contrary to t r e a t y obligations 569 Trenton, N. J., Naval Aeronautical Turbine Laboratory, construction of facilities, authorized 345 Truax Air Force Base, Madison, Wis., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. _ 356 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: Appropriation for administration 262 Fourth-class mail, size and weight limitations 610 High Commissioner, appropriation for expenses of 262 Land, acquisition of, authorized 350 Navigation aids, authority of the Coast Guard to establish, etc 89 Purchases through General Services Administration, authority 263 Transfer of Navy Department surplus property for use in administration of 265 Tuberculosis, appropriation for control of. 216 Reduction 755 Turkey, Assistance to: Appropriation authorized 374


INDEX Turkey, Assistance to—Continued. Appropriation for Purchase of local currency, a u t h o r i z e d.. Turner Air Force Base, Albany, Ga., construction of facilities, authorized Tuskegee Institute, Ala., conveyance of land to Twenty-Nine Palms Area, Calif., Marine Corps Training Camp, construction of facilities, authorized Twine, duty-free importation of twine used for baling hay, etc Two Rock Ranch, Calif., construction of military facilities, authorized Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, Fla., construction of facilities, a u t h o r i z e d. _ Typewriting Machines, purchase, disposal, etc., by Government agencies, restriction

^^^^ 731 383 356 45

345 655 341 359


U Uinta National Forest, Utah, acquisition of land for, appropriation for Ulua, use for explosive tests, authorized.. Umatilla Ordnance Depot, Oreg., construction of facilities, authorized Unemployment Compensation Administration. See under Labor, Department of. Uniform State Laws, National Conference of Commissioners on, appropriation for support by District of C o l u m b i a.. Union Catalogs, appropriation for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. See Soviet Socialist Republics, Union of. United Confederate Veterans Reunion, Norfolk, Va., attendance of Navy Band authorized United Nations: E m b a r g o of war materials to nations defying the United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency, appropriation for contributions authorized Appropriation for M u t u a l Security Act of 1951. See separate title. Palestine Refugee Aid Act of 1950, contributions under, authorized Si'rplus property, acquisition, authority of Department of State Technical assistance, funds available Limitation Termination of assistance, authority of President United Nations Day, 1951, proclamation..

234 420 340

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376 731

375 577 374, 73' 386 386 c38