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^"^^ Universal Military Training and Service ^"^® Vessels—Continued. Act—Continued. Alaska, transportation between desigRegistration—Continued. nated points by Canadian v e s s e l s.. 90 Guam, proclamation c30 Collisions at sea, regulations for preNoncitizens, proclamation c35 vention; proclamation a u t h o r i z e d. _ 406 Reserve components— Construction reserve funds established Active d u t y for certain members "^ 78 under Merchant Marine Act, 1936, Deferment of members 83, 84 time extension for use 366 Reservists, periods of active service 87, 88 D a m a g e claims, salvage, towage, etc., Selection and induction, authority of authority of Secretaries of Army President 76, 77 and Air Force to settle 572 Selective Service Act of 1948, redesigD e part m e n t s of Commerce, Army, Air nation 75 Force, and Navy, availability of Separability provision 88 vessels 430 Shelter, etc., provision for 77 Foreign, transfers to United States, Strength, authorized, of Armed Forces_ 76, 88 funds for expenses 447 Termination of designated provisions _ _ 88 Training and service, liability for 76 Grain, transportation on Great Lakes in Voluntary induction 79 vessels of Canadian registry during Universal Military Training and Service 1951, authorization 371 Act, 1951 Amendments to the 75 India Emergency Food Aid Act of 1951, Upper Mississippi River, flood control, activation and operation of vessels appropriation for investigations, surfor transportation of supplies under. c 19 veys, and reports 761 Iron ore, transportation on vessels of Uruguay, transfer of certain naval vessels Canadian registration during 1951, to, authorized 322, 323 authorization 28 Utah: Maritime activities, appropriation for Hovenweep National Monument, enVessel Operations Revolving Fund_ 59 largement, proclamation c8 Naval. See under Navy, Department U t a h General Depot, construction of of the. facilities, authorized 340 Ute Indians: Philippines, extension of certain charters Division and crediting of trust funds of, authorized; restriction 39 authority of Secretary of the I n t e Restriction on funds available for payrior 194 ment for certain 60 Use of tribal funds, per capita payVeterans. See also Veterans Administraments, etc., authorized 193 tion; Veterans Regulations. Credit preferences under Defense Production Act 138 Disabled— Van Hook, N. Dak., availability of funds Automobiles for— for payments to occupants of certain Appropriation authorized 574, 575 properties; restrictions 619 Appropriation for 59 Vance Air Force Base, Enid, Okla., conPsychosis, active, entitlement to struction of facilities, authorized 359 hospital and medical t r e a t m e n t Vandenberg, Arthur H., appropriation for for 694 payment to son and daughters 53 State or Territorial homes for the Vaughn, Albert C, appropriation for paysupport of, effective date of cerm e n t to widow 737 tain payments to 661 Venereal Diseases, appropriation for conVocational rehabilitation, extension to trol of 215 persons serving on or after June Reduction 755 27, 1950 404 Vermont Agricultural College, Addison District of Columbia— County, conveyance of lands to 39 Education of children of certain vetVessel Operations Revolving Fund, creaerans, appropriation for 157 tion; appropriation for 59 Services to, appropriation for 160 Vessels. See also Maritime activities Government employees. See Veterans under Commerce, Department of. under Government Employees. Aircraft carrier designated as the Forrestal 129 Housing. See separate title. 76100 (Pt. I) O - 52 - 78