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SUBJECT INDEX State, Department of—Continued Page State, Department of—Continued Page Appropriation for__ 11, 118, 119, 367, 419, 432 Information and educational activiContracts exempt from prohibition on ties—Continued interest by Members of Congress. _ 371 United States Information Agency, Control of persons leaving or entering functions under Reorganization the United States, proclamation. _ c31 Plan No. 8 of 1953 with regard Diplomatic and consular establishments, to 642, 643 exchange of funds for expenses, nonInstitute of Inter-American Affairs Act, applicability of certain provisions functions under, transfer to Foreign to 371 Operations Administration 640 Foreign areas other than Germany and Inter-American Tropical Tuna ComAustria, responsibilities for governm ission, appropriation for 3 70 ment, etc., authority 432 International Boundary and Water Foreign Service— Commission, United States and Acquisition of buildings abroad— Mexico— Germany, transfer of funds for Appropriation for 11, 369 buildings for consular activiNogales sanitation project, Arizona ties.. 433 and Mexico, operation and mainTransfer of funds for 433 tenance agreement, appropriation Annual and sick leave, amendments.. 136 authorized 195 Automobiles, application of exchange International Boundary Commission, allowances or sale proceeds to United States, Alaska, and Canada, replacements; cost limitation 368 appropriation for 371 Emergencies in Diplomatic and ConInternational Broadcasting Service, sular Service, appropriation for.. 368 transfer from New York City to Representation allowances, approDistrict of Columbia 421 priation for 368 International Claims Commission— United States Information Agency, auAppointment of members, restriction thority of Director to carry out pending reorganization 506 functions of Board of Foreign Appropriation for expenses 421 Service with respect to perIncrease in deduction to cover expenses 506 sonnel assigned to 420 Yugoslav claims, time extension for Foreign Service Reserve— settling 506 Appointments without regard to fourInternational Commissions; American year limitation 432 Sections, appropriation for 370 Foreign information and educational International contingencies, appropriaactivities, appointments and astion for 369 signments for, extension 420 International Fisheries Commission, General provisions, Appropriation Acts. 119, appropriation for 370 371, 385, 421 International information and educaGermany, government in occupied tional activities. See Information areas— and educational activities, this title. Appropriation for 432 International Joint Commission, United Deputy to U. S. chief of mission, States and Canada, appropriation for. 370 salary, appropriation for 432 International Materials Conference, reU. S. Member of Board for Validation striction on use of funds for exof German Bonds in the United penses 385 States, salary, appropriation for. 432 International organizations, appropriaInformation and educational activities— tion for contributions and missions Appropriation for 419 to 368 Transfer of funds 11, 15 International Pacific Salmon Fisheries International Information AdminisCommission, appropriation for 370 tration, appropriation for 119