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Public Laws ENACTED





UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Begun and held at the City oj Washington on Saturday, January 3, 1953, and adjourned sine die on Monday, August 3, 1963. Until noon, January 20, 1953, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President; A L B E N W. BARKLEY, Vice President; SAM RAYBURN, Speaker oj the House oj Representatives; jrom January 20, 1953, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, President; RicHARD M. NIXON, Vice President; JOSEPH W. M A R T I N, Jr., Speaker oj the House oj Representatives.

Public Law 1


January 16, 1953 re T Oes 201 Making January 20, 1953, a holiday for Federal employees, field service postal

  • ' • —'-z-^—

• * employees and employees of the District of Columbia in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the several executive departments, independent establishments, and other governmental agencies of the United States, including the legislative and judicial branches, and of the District of Columbia, in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia shall be closed all day on Tuesday, January 20, 1953, Inauguration Day. All employees of such departments, establishments, and agencies and of the District of Columbia in such area, except those who may for special public reasons be required to be on duty on such day by the heads of their respective departments, establishments, or agencies, shall be excused from duty on that day; and such day shall be considered a holiday for the purpose of all statutes relating to the compensation and leave of employees of the United States, and of the District of Columbia, employed in such area. For the purposes of this resolution, the term "metropolitan area of the District of Columbia" shall include, in addition to the District of Columbia, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland; Arlington and Fairfax Counties, Virginia; and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, Virginia. Approved January 16, 1953. 3

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