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PUBLIC LAW 7-MAR. 14, 1953

Effective date.

to the year in which he commences his service, to a number which is the same percentage of 12,000 as the number of days of his service in such year is of the total number of days in such year. For the purposes of this section, the term 'year" means the period beginnino- at noon on January 8 of a calendar year and ending at noon on January 3 of the succeeding calendar year."' SKC". 2, The amendment made by this Act to such Act of June 23, U)49, as amended, shall talfe effect as of noon on January 3, 1953. Approved March 10, 1953. Public Law 7

March 14, 1953 [H.R. 2332]

Armed Forces. Commissioned officer p e r s o n n e l limitations.


AN ACT ITo place temporary limitations on the number of officers serving (m active duty in the Armed Forces, and for other pnrjwses.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) on June 30, 1953, commissioned officer personnel on active duty in the Armed Forces (excluding Reserve officers on active duty training or Reserve officers ordered to active duty for periods of thirty days or less) shall not exceed the following numbers in each grade: Ranks General of the Army or fleet admiral of the Navy General or admiral .Lieutenant general or vice admiral Major general or rear admiral Brigadier general or rear admiral Colonel or captain of the Navy Lieutenant colonel or commander Major or lieutenant commander

66 Stat. 537. Termination.

64 Stat. 797. 50 USC a p p. 2216.

Army 4 8 27 172 297 5,199 13,230 18,075

Navy 3 6 24 128 128 2,987 7,096 10,911

Air Force 0 7 19 161 222 4,351 8,602 21,454

Marine Corps 0 1 4 23 31 546 1,186 2,522

(b) Vacancies within the allowances prescribed by subsection (a) of this section for any grade may be assigned to any lower grade or grades. SEC. 2. Section 634 of Public Law 488, Eighty-second Congress, is hereby repealed. SEC. 3. This Act shall terminate on July 1, 1953. Approved March 14, 1953. Public Law 8

March 23, 1953 [S. 1188]



AN ACT To amend the l)ependen'ts Assistance Act of 1950 to continue in effect certain of the provisions thereof.

Be it enacted by the Seviate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 16 of the Dependents Assistance Act of 1950 (Public Law 771, Eighty-first Congress) is amended by deleting the date "April 30, 1953 and inserting in lieu thereof the date "July 1, 1955. Approved March 23, 1953.