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[67 S T A T.

A-4528159, Wollion, John or John Walian. A-5951210, You Chen Tuck or Chang Tuch You or Chenk Tuck You. A-4794527, Young, Chee Dick alias Chirence Chee Dick Young. A-4120628, Young, Frank alias Tien Fu Yang. A-6291236, Zahawi, Faizi Khalid. A-6374953, Zahawi, Sevim Miral. A-7034695, Zeid, Larry. A-2353697, Zemmel, Leon or Leon Semel or Leon Semi Leibisch or Leon Semmel. A-6738148, Zielinski, Claudia (nee Dombrovski). A-7469542, Balaba, Daniel. A-1472027, Berndt, Heinz Werner. A-7898442, Blagrove, Archibald Nathan or Nathan Blagrove. A-7073695, Bollino, Savino or Babino or Bollino or Bellino Savino or Savaino or Sabino Bellino. A-2752500, Boncich, Sam. A-2411018, Calderon, Jesus Alejandre. 0300/394666, Calero, Gladys or Gladys Milagra Negrin-Rodriguez. 0300/394667, Calero, Isabel or Isabel Negrin-Rodriguez. A-3377743, Camia, Bonfiglio or Phil Camia or Giacomo-Cavana. A-7132987, Chu, Edith Ju-Hwa or Edith Tseng-Chun Chu or Edith Ju-Hwa. A-7457602, Chu, Tseng-Chun. A-7025727, Chung, Jack. V-1240753, Dadaian, Serabi Adour (nee Kabakian). A-2565368, De Ramirez, Ernestina Escobar or Ernestina Ramirez or Ernestina Escobar Ad Echevarria. A-9692102, De (or Do) Rosario, Joaquim Francisco Lopes or Joaquim Rosario or Roasario; Joaquim Francisco Lopes Rosario; Joaquim Maria Francisco; Joaquim Maria Francisco Rosario; Joaquim Franciso De Rosario or Derosario; Joackim Rosario; Joaquim Rosario; Joaquim or Joaguim Francisco Rosario; Joaquin F. Rosario; Joaquim De Rosario. 1700-5241, Dolor, Rosalia E a (Estefania E a). A-7975641, Donovan, lone Orilda. A-3449690, Dwyer, Michael Francis. A-7351273, Eng, Frank Gee or Ng Fong. A-5394243, Enlow, Julia Irene. A-6912654, Fiore, Marie Louise (nee Williams formerly Horton). A-5960623, Flanagan, Ursel Renate Meyer (nee Ursel Renate Meyer). A-7070741, Flores, Maria Teresa. 0300-311750, Fong, E n g Lun or Hoy Yin. A-2582238, Garcia, Amancia or Amancia Hernandez. A-6574522, Garcia, Andrew Winant. A-2469265, Garcia, Eduardo or Eduardo Garcia Ris or Viriato Guttierrez. A-4705880, Gardella, Giuseppe alias Carlos Alonso. A-6825202, Gergits, Hannelore Stefanie. A-6825203, Gergits, Karl Alois. A-3535341, Giannicchini, Gino or Gino Giannecchini or Gino Giannichini or Gino Giannechini. A-6498461, Gonzalez, Hector Manuel Modesto-Lopez or Hector Frazer. A-9836695, Hansen, Niels Thuroe. A-6920912, Hassab, Antoine Antoun. A-6329559, Henryk, J a n or John Henry Stillbach. A-6872523, Huff, Lucille May Plummer. A-3112979, Kaltenmaier, Eugen.