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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 27, 1953 [67 S T A T. A-8015066, Safyurtlu, Mahmut Iskender. A-7197328, Safyurtlu, Gulnar (nee Assadulah or EcaduUah). A-5067777, Sarkkinen, Jenny Karia. 0400/31312, Sauro, Federico or Federico Sauro Costagliola. A-7197579, Sawchuk, Anna. A-5357504, Schidlowski, Alice Tamm or Ursula Tamm Schidlowski. A-5800237, Schurmann, Hilda (nee Eglit). A-4188409, Schwarz, Carl or Karol Szwarz or Karl Schartz. A-6190318, Scott, Lydia Nicholas. A-7036039, Serna, Elvira Tarin or Elvira Tarin. A-2376219, Shabov, Joseph or Mohamed Ben Ali Shabov. A-4348253, Sherson, Beulah Dolly or Buelah Dolly Levine or Bulah Dolly Steinberg. A-6897682, Shults, Maria Magdalena. A-3907008, Simmons, William Leopold. A-5964236, Smith, Herta Jacobi. 1600-81336, Smith, Otto or Otto Oertwig or Otto Ertwig. A-4852710, Smolinski, Bernice. A-4041242T, Soon, Mark or Mark Lee or Mark Kee Watt. A-4495580, Sossoff, Basile. A-1987981, Spring, Adolph or Adolf Spring or Joe Spring. A-6701887, Stafford, Andree Cochelin. A-7848443, Stagner, Frank Harcourt. A-7848444, Stagner, Lawrence or Lawrence Robert Stagner. A-5708336, Stammer, Willy. A-7439086, Stamos, Anna. A-5117686, Stamos, Catherine Belle (nee Bremner). A-2209189, Stellatos, loannis. A-6921109, Stephenson, Margaret Gertrude or Marguerite Gertrude Stephens. A-6427747, Stern, Silviu Alexander. A-6819614, Stewart, Harold Irving. A-8150947, Stilidiotis, Evangelos Theodoro6 or Angelo Still. A-7200143, Stover, Maxine Mae. A-3013601, Stowe, Sam. 0300-367947, Strauss, Anita. A-5313730, Strobbia, Comenick Jerome or Domenico Girolano Strobbia. A-9831170, Sulich, Giuseppe or Joseph Sulich. A-7197301, Sulskis, Gertrud Hildegard (nee Leutheuser). A-9643958; Sum, Lai or Sun. 0300^396883, Sun, Chang or Wong Fook. 0300-350251, Symonette, Melvin Paul or Lewill Winter. A-5987060, Szekely, Anthony. A-6268911, Szekely, Julia Balla. A-8196040, Tai, Lee Yung or Lee Yung or Lee Tai. A-9558587, Tang, Ah Chang. A-5635994, Taylor, Cyril or Frank Earle Williams. A-4385475, Thaller, Fay (nee Feige Lerner). A-0901311, Thomas, Beatriz or Beatrice (nee Camargo). 0300-343058, Thompson, Eric Houston. A-6000014, Thompson, Mary or Mary Bowe. A-H6012782, Thompson, Kenneth Leon. A-4451777, Tim, Chan Fook or Fook Tim Chan. 0300-367904, Timis, John or John Tennas. A-5208663, Tjostolfsen, Nils T. 55942/81, Tomczak, Mieczslaw. A-^351818, Topel, Jacob Isaac or Jacob Isaac Toppel or Jacob Toppel.