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PUBLIC LAW 543-JULY 27, 1954

[68 S T A T.

wealth required by the Commission to effectuate the purposes of this Compact. "ARTICLE


"The commission shall select from among its members a chairman and a vice-chairman, and may select from among its members a secretary and treasurer or may designate other persons to fill these positions. I t may appoint, and at its pleasure remove or discharge, such officers and legal, clerical, expert and other assistants and employees as may be required to carry the provisions of this compact into effect, and shall fix and determine their duties, qualifications and compensation. I t may establish and maintain one or more offices for the transaction of its business, and may meet at any time or place. A majority of the commissioners present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The commissioners shall serve without compensation, but shall be paid their expenses incurred in and incident to the performance of their duties. They shall take the oath of office required of officers of their respective states. "ARTICLE


"Each Commonwealth agrees that the officers and departments of each will be authorized to do all things falling within their respective jurisdictions necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the compact in every particular. The Commission shall be entitled to the services of any state officer or agency in the same manner as any other department or agency of this state. The Commission shall keep accurate records, showing in full its receipts and disbursements, and said records shall be open at any reasonable time to the inspection of such representatives of the two Commonwealths as may be duly constituted for that purpose. The Commission shall submit annually and at other times as required such reports as may be required by the laws of each Commonwealth or by the Governor thereof. "ARTICLE


"The cost of acquiring land and other property required in the development and operation of the Breaks Interstate P a r k and constructing, maintaining and operating improvements and facilities therein and equipping same may be defrayed by funds received from appropriations, gifts, the use of money received as fees or charges for the use of said park and facilities, or by the issuance of revenue bonds, or by a combination of such sources of funds. The commission may charge for admission to said park, or make other charges deemed appropriate by it and shall have the use of funds so received for park purposes. The commission is authorized to issue revenue bonds, which shall not be obligations of either state, pursuant to procedures which shall be in substantial compliance with the provisions of laws of either or both states governing the issuance of revenue bonds by governmental agencies. "ARTICLE


"All money, securities and other property, real and personal, received by way of gift or otherwise or revenue received from its operations may be retained by the commission and used for the development, maintenance and operation of the Park or for other Park purposes. "The commission shall not pledge the credit of either Commonwealth except by and with the authority of the General Assembly thereof.