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[69 Stat. XX]
[69 Stat. XX]



Commerce, Department of—Continued ^*^® International Materials Conference, restriction on use of funds for 238 Maritime activities— Appropriation for 30, 229, 451 Transfer of funds from 29 Charter of vessels, obligations upon redelivery, restriction 231 Government property under control of Maritime Administration, authority for furnishing utilities and services; disposivlon of rental payments 231 La Guardia, sale of steamship, authorized A123 Monterey, sale of steamship, authorized 542 Operating-differential subsidies 30, 229 Payment for vessels, restriction 231 Reserve fleet facilities, appropriation for repair of 30 Transfer of vessels, authority 319 Vessel operations revolving fund, appropriation for 231 War risk insurance, extension of authority 440 National Bureau of Standard s — Appropriation for 233 Transfer of funds from 29 ,, Maximum base rate of compensation for certain employees 234 Overthrow of United States Government, restriction on employment of persons advocating 237 P a t e n t Office, appropriation for 232 Philippines, sale of certain vessels to citizens of 217 Public Roads, Bureau of— Advance of funds from Defense Department 453 Appropriation for 30, 232, 452 Transfer of funds from 29 Contract authorizations, reductions in 233 Convict labor, restriction on payments to States employing 233 District of Columbia, approval of contracts for Federal-aid projects 259 General provisions, Appropriation Act 233 Interior Department, transfer of funds for road construction from 142 Medical supplies and services, use of appropriation in emergency _ _ 233 National Arboretum, road construction 152 Reimbursement by other agencies for services, etc 233 Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 238

INDEX Commerce, Department of—Continued ^*^® R a m a Road, Nicaragua, transfer of funds from State Department for_ 269 Richmond, Calif., conveyance of certain real property to 171 Secretary, Office of the, appropriation for 29, 226 Strikes against United States Government, restriction on employment of persons engaging in 237 Uniform allowances, funds available for469 Vessels. See Maritime activities, this title. Weather Bureau— Appropriation for 29, 234, 452 Arctic region, conducting meteorological investigations in, maximum compensation for 234 Meteorological observations, taking and transmitting, maximum compensation for 234 Transfer of funds from Navy Department 308 Commission for Extension of the United States Capitol, establishment 515 Commission on Government Security: Appropriation for 519 Establishment 595 Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: Appropriation for 5 Termination date; final report to President for t r a n s m i t t a l to Congress-.. 7 Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. See Executive Branch of the Government, Commission on Organization of the. Commissioners, United States Courts, appropriation for fees 37, 276 Commodity Credit Corporation: Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954. See separate title. Appropriation for 5, 60, 451 Borrowing power, increase 634 Defense Department, reimbursement for foreign currencies used for military family housing 351 Famine relief to friendly peoples, appropriation for reimbursement for_ 62 Feed assistance in disaster areas, appropriation for reimbursement for — 62 Foot-and-mouth and other diseases, appropriation for r e payment for eradication 61 Fungible goods, release of innocent p u r chasers from claims 65 International W h e a t Agreement, appropriation for costs 61