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[69 Stat. LXIV]
[69 Stat. LXIV]



Navy, Department of the—Continued Reserve components—Continued Reserve Forces Act of 1955 Reserve Officer Personnel Act of 1954, amendments Reserve Officers' Training Corps, loyalty requirement Retention on active d u t y of officers within two years of qualifying for retirement Veterinary officers, constructive service credit on appointment Retirement— Army and Air Force service, crediting toward retirement PayAppropriation for Increase Temporary officers with t w e n t y years of service River commands, appropriation for_ Schools on military installations, continued operation Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951. See separate title. Service-wide communications, a p p r o priation for Service-wide operations, appropriation for Service-wide supply and finance, a p p r o priation for Ship construction, limitation on funds available Shipbuilding and conversion, a p p r o priation for Ships and facilities, appropriation for— Stock F u n d, reduction in funds available Transfer of funds to — Coast Guard operating expenses Weather Bureau, Commerce Department "Travel and transportation allowances, increase Vessels, transfer authorized Veterans Administration, allotments and transfers of funds from, authorization Navy and Marine Corps Officer Augmentation Act of 1955 Near East, m u t u a l security assistance. _ 284, Appropriation for Nebraska: District court, elimination of separate divisions; holding a t Lincoln, North Platte, and Omaha Interstate compact to conserve oil and gas, consent of Congress to extension


^^^^ Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., construction ^*^^ of facilities authorized 340 598 Neurology Activities, appropriation for 407 Nevada, compact with California for use of 218 waters of Truckee, Carson, and Walker Rivers and Lake Tahoe 675 320 New Bedford, Mass., designation of portion of Acushnet River as nonnavigable stream 443 218 New Castle County Municipal Airport, Del., construction of facilities a u t h o r 218 ized 338 New Cumberland General Depot, Pa., construction of family housing author493 ized 325 New Haven, Conn., designation of portion of West River as nonnavigable 303 stream 576 22 New Iberia, La., construction of naval 614 facilities authorized 330 310 New London, Conn., construction of naval facilities authorized 329, 334 433 New Mexico, interstate compact to conserve oil and gas, consent of Congress to extension 385 New Orleans Army Base, La., construc310 tion of facilities authorized 326 New River, N. C, Marine Corps Air Facility, construction of facilities au310 thorized 332 310 New Town, N. Dak., Bureau of Indian Affairs appropriation for reimbursement for street improvements, etc 143 308 New York: I n t e r s t a t e compact to conserve oil and 308 gas, consent of Congress to exten308 sion 385 311 Marine school, State, reimbursement for expenses 230 308 New York City National Shrines Advisory Board, appointment, functions, e t c — 632 308 Newfoundland, construction of naval installations and facilities authorized 335 21 Newport, R. L, construction of naval facilities authorized 330, 332, 333 319 Niagara Falls Municipal Airport, N. Y., construction of facilities authorized 338 210 Niagara River, appropriation for United States share of cost of remedial works 363 606 269 285 Nicaragua, appropriation for R a m a Road_ 435 1955 Amendments to the Universal Military Training and Service Act 223 Nome, Alaska, funds available for construction of post office and courthouse 205 546 Nonessential Federal Expenditures, Joint Committee on Reduction of, appropriation for 514 385