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TREATY WITH THE CHEROKEES. 1806. 101 Am-. III. The said United States will cause to be delivered to the Additional an- Piankishaws yearly, and every year, an additional annuity of three hun- ¤¤i*Y· dred dollars, which is to be paid in the same manner, and under the same' conditions as that to which they are entitled by the treaty of Greenville: Provided always, That the United States may, at any time Pi-oviso. they shall think proper, divide the said annuity amongst the individuals of the said tribe. — Ama IV. The stipulations made in the preceding articles, together p,€c,,d;,,g St;. with the sum of one thousand one hundred dollars, which is now de- p¤la¤i<>n¤._&c· livered, the receipt whereof the said chiefs do hereby acknowledge, is ;°,.gf,°;;'§;:;d considered a hill compensation for the ccssion and relinquishment above sation for me m0Dtl0l1C(1. above ccssion. Am-. V. As long as the lands now ceded, remain the property of the Indians to have United States, the said tribe shall have the privilege of living and hunt~ Ll;‘;g:"‘1§f-zi ing upon them, in the same manner that they have heretofore done; and hud, §,§ded_ they reserve to themselves the right of locating a tract of two square miles, or twelve hundred and eighty acres, the fee of which is to remain with them for ever. Am. VI. This treaty shall be in force as soon as it shall be ratilied When to be in by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and con- f°"’°· sent of the Senate. In rnsrruony wnnnnor, the said William Henry Harrison, and the chiefs and head men representing the said Piankishaw tribe, have hereunto set their hands and atlixed their seals. Dons at Vincennes, on the thirtieth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and live, and of the independence of the United States the thirtieth. (Signed) WILLIAM H. HARRISON. Wabakinklelia, or Gros Bled, Macatiwaalima, or Chien Noir. Pauquia, or Montour, Signed, sealed and executed in presence of W. Prince, Secretary to the Commissioner. John Gritlin, one of the Judges of the Indiana territory. J no. Gibson, Secretary of the Indiana territory. John Badollet, Register of the Land Office. Nath!. Ewing, Receiver of Public Monies. Juo. Rice Jones, of the Indiana Territory. Dubois, of the Indiana Territory. Wm. Bullitt, of Vincennes. Jacob Kinskendall, of Vincennes. H. E. Hurst, of Vincennes, I. T. Jno. Johnson. Michel Brouillet, Interpreter. To the Indian names are subjoined a. mark and seal. A CONVENTION Between the United States and the Cherokee nation of Indians, Jan, 7, 1806, concladed at the city of Washington, on the seventh day of Janu- —""“"Pr0c,8ma,i0n’ ary, in the year one thousand ezght hundred and smc. May 23, 1807. ARTICLES of a Convention made between Henry Dearborn, secretary Ratiiied May of war, being specially authorised thereto by the President of the United 22»18U7· States, and the undersigned chiefs and head men of the Cherokee nation of Indians, duly authorised and empowered by said nation. 12