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ARTICLES OF A TREATY Made at Detroit, this seventeenth day of Novernber, in the year of Nov, ry, 1807, our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seven, by William Hull, governor of the territory of Michigan, and superintendent J an. 27, 1808., of Indian afairs, and sole commissioner if the United States, to conclude and sign a treaty or treaties, with the several nations of Indians, north west of the river Ohio, on the one part, and the saehems, chiefs, and warriors of the Ottoway, Chippeway, Wyandotte, and Pottawatamie nations rj Indians, on the other part. To conjirm and perpetuate the friendship, which happily subsists between the United States and the nations aforesaid, to manyest the sincerity of that friendship, and to settle arrangements mutually beneficial to the parties; a_]7er a full eaplanation and perfect understanding, the following articles are agreed to, which, when ratyied by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States, shall be binding on them, and the respective nations of Indians. ARTICLE I. The sachems, chiefs, and warriors of the nations afore- consideration, said, in consideration of money and goods, to be paid to the said uations, by the government of the United States as hereafter stipulated; do hereby agree to cede, and forever quit claim, and do in behalf of Cession. their nations hereby cede, relinquish, and forever quit claim, unto the said United States, all right, title, and interest, which the said nations now have, or claim, or ever had, or claimed, in, or unto, the lands comprehended within the following described lines and boundaries: Begin- Boundaries. ning at the mouth of the Miami river of the lakes, and running thence up the middle thereof, to the mouth of the great An Glaize river, thence running due north, until it intersects a paralell of latitude, to be drawn from the outlet of lake Huron, which forms the river Sinclair; thence running north east the course, that may be found, will lead in a direct line, to White Rock, in lake Huron, thence due east, until it intersects the boundary line between the United States and Upper Canada, in said lake, thence southwardly, following the said boundary line, down said lake, through river Sinclair, lake St. Clair, and the river Detroit, into lake Erie, to a point due east of the aforesaid Miami river, thence west to the place of beginning. Am-. II. It is hereby stipulated and agreed on the part of the United States, as a consideration for the lands, ceded by the nations aforesaid, in the preceding article, that there shall be paid to the said nations, at Detroit, ten thousand dollars, in money, goods, implements of husbandry, or domestic animals, (at the option of the said nations, seasonably signified, through the superintendent of Indian afairs, residing with the said nations, to the department of war,) as soon as practicable, after the ratification of the treaty, by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States; of this sum, three thousand three Howihe mn, hundred and thirty three dollars thirty three cents and four mills, shall sideraticnjs to be paid to the Ottaway nation, three thousand three hundred and thirty £§({’l’r£{"°“°d three dollars thirty three cents and four mills, to the Chippeway nation, P ` one thousand six hundred sixty six dollars sixty six cents and six mills, 14 uom