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108 TREATY WITH THE OSAGES. 1808. and pursue the counsels or admonitions of the President of the United States through his subordinate officers. A store of Arvr. 2. The United States being also anxious that the Great and i s¤¤d¤¢¤b¤ kept Little Osage, resident as aforesaid, should be regularly supplied with °° ‘h° f°"‘ every species of merchandise, which their comfort may hereafter require, do engage to establish at this place, and permanently to continue at all seasons of the year, a well assorted store of goods, for the purpose of bartering with them on moderate terms for their peltries and furs. A blacksmith, Am. 3. The United States agree to furnish at this place, for the use Spc- to be fur- of the Osage nations, a black-smith, and tools to mend their arms and ’"“h°d by U‘ S' utensils of husbandry, and engage to build them a horse mill, or wateimill ; also to furnish them with ploughs, and to build for the great chief of the Great Osage, and for the great chief of the Little Osage, a strong block house in each of their towns, which are to be established near this fort. Pm 6,, ,,0;,,,, Am-. 4. With a view to quiet the animosities which at present exist by the gsages between the inhabitants of the territory of Louisiana, and the Osage bfé-g5?(:r£‘:,‘};u_ nations, in consequence of the lawless depredations of the latter, the ilsiana, to be United States do further agree to pay to their own citizens, the full paid for by US- value of such property as they can legally prove to have been stolen or destroyed by the said Osage, since the acquisition of Louisiana by the United States, provided the same does not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars. M,,,.ci,,,,,d;s,,,0 Aer. 5. In consideration of the lands relinquished by the Great and be delivered. Little Osage to the United States as stipulated in the sixth article of this treaty, the United States promise to deliver at Fire Prairie, or at St. Louis, yearly, to the Great Osage nation, merchandize to the amount or value of one thousand dollars, and to the Little Osage nation, merchandize to the amount or value of five hundred dollars, reckoning the value of said merchandize at the first cost thereof; in the city or place in the United States, where the same shall have been procured. Mom, ,,,,,d_ And in addition to the merchandize aforesaid, the United States have, at and before the signature of these articles, paid to the Great Osage nation, the sum of eight hundred dollars, and to the Little Osage nation, the sum of four hundred dollars. B,,,md,,,y Hm, Arvr. 6. And in consideration of the advantages which we derive established. from the stipulations contained in the foregoing articles, we, the chiefs and warriors of the Great and Little Osage, for ourselves and our nations respectively, covenant and agree with the United States, that the boundary line between our nations and the United States shall be as follows, to wit: beginning at fort Clark, on the Missouri, five miles above Fire Prairie, and running thence a due south course to the river Arkansas, and down the same to the Mississippi; hereby ceding and relinquishing forgver tpl tqe United states, al; the lands which lie east of the said line, an nort o the sont war ank of the said river Arkansas and all lands situated northwardly df the river Missouri. And we do further cede and relinquish to the United States forever, a tract of two leagues square, to embrace fort Clark, and to be laid 0H' in such manner as the President of the United States shall think proper. Lines to be ART. 7. And it is mutnall a eed b the c n actincrs ha nm by U- S- the boundary lines hereby esfi1bUs-hed, shall be iiuiir and inaiiakdiie attthd expense of the United States, as soon as circumstances or their convenience will permit; and the Great and Little Osage promise to depute two chiefs from each of their respective nations, to accompany the commissioner, or commissioners who may be appointed on the part of the United States, to settle and adjust the said boundary line.