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132 TREATY WITH THE WYANDOTS, ETC. 1815, In testimony whereof, they, the said Commissioners, and the Sachems, Headmen, and Warriors, of the different tribes, have hereunto set their hands and atiixed their seals. WM. HENRY HARRISON, DUNCAN M‘ARTHUR, JOHN GRAHAM. Wyandot Chiefs. Captain Beaver, Tarhee, or the crane, M*Doneld. Herrouyeou, or Cherokee boy, Smead g},;¢_ Sanohskee, or long house, _ Outoctutimoh, or cub, Tehummmdoyeh, or between words,. Myeeruh, or walk in the water, :’{onundankykue;11r§n§, or John Hams, T a ka asomea, or crv o n, Mirnlexlihmliee, or Barnett. Saccorowahtah, or wiping stick. Shawemoe Chia/3. Paiawalamic Chic]?. Cutuwekeshah, or black hoot, ·p0p%mcb,,c, Nutsheway, or woli’s brother, Nouns,,,,,,;, 0, gvé mad,],, Tamenatha, or butter, Naynmawsekaw, Shemenetoo, or big snake, jmeanu, Outhowwaheshegath, or yellow plume, Cong,,, Q¤¤*~¤WW°P¤Y» 0* °¤Pt- L°Wi'• Osheawkeebee, Meshquothree, or capt. Reed, Wameamaygoas, Tecurntaquah. Meeksawbay, , M ozmwa Ghzw. NQ:§;'Qmm, Tontogenah, or the dog, Choy Chauk, or the crane, Tashscuygon, or M·Arthur, Wanaunaskee, Okemas, or little chief, Pashapow, Nashkemah, Honkemaro, or the chief, Watushnewah Noungeasais, Onqunogseh, dr the ugly fellow, Neesscateemeemay, Menitugawboway, or the devil standing, N ourmawkeskawaw, Kelystum, or first actor. Chickawno,


Ottawaa fiom Mac/cimzck. M;;;:Qww“’ Kemenechagon, or the bastard, Neepoashe, Karbenequane, or the one who went in Kaitchaynee, front. Waymeego, or W. H. Harrison, , Louison M sttawa from Grand Rwer. Osheougkwbw ec oquez. A Winnebago from Mackinac]:. t Ghz6ff Wassachcum, or first to start the whitel. ggzgséwsha or th Owl e C}LQ1p6w¤ C'}liQfZ9· Totanang, or the butteriiy, Papeneschabee, or turn round about, Osage, or the neutral, Nowgeschick, or twelve o’clock, Wabsioung, or the white skin, Shamanetoo, or God Almighty, Wapaassabina, or white recoon, Wissenesoh, Otteutaqua, or a blower of his breath, Cacheonquet, or the big cloud, Makatasabina, or black racoon, Izasheskiskaquashcum, Wapeshesa, or white appearance in the enactome or the little dy water Enewame, or tlve crow, ’ Matosamed, or Indian, awaquaoto, Shacanbe Paanassee, or the bird. Shequar, hr the poor racoon, 1>5=¤=·~¤~ <>/me g§2ZZ%ZZ§’ §§,°Ff Hiang na, T°°t°W9·Ym¤8» °l’ A¤d€l'¤¤¤» Wapenaseme, or the collector of bircll, §'Im:¤*;:\ta¤°q¤°Z» Mecinnabee, or the setting stone, a a oopan A ba, A°h°PP*m» JF the buck, Mighhvriesheewmgqua, or tiger’e face- Jim Killbuck,