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136 TREATY WITH THE IOWAS. 1815. the full extent of their interest in the same, as well as all other contracts and agreements between the parties; and the United States promise to fulfil all the stipulations c0nta1ned m the sa1d treaty in favor of the said Fox tribe or nation. In witness whereof, the said William Clark, Ninian Edwards, and Auguste Chouteau, Commissioners as aforesaid, andthe aforesaid King, Chiefs, and Warriors, of the Fox Tribe or Nation aforesaid, have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals, this fourteenth day of September, IH the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and of the independence of the United States the fortieth. WM CLARK NINIAN EDWARDS, AUGUSTE CHOUTEAU. Pierremaskin, the fox who walks crooked, Paquampa, the bear that sits, Muckkatawagout, black cloud, Aquoqua, the kettle, Namasosanamet, he who surpasses others, N emarqua, Waapaca, Machenamau, the bad fish, Mackkatananamakee, the black thunder, Pesotaka, the flying fish, Pashechenene, the liar, Mishecaqua the hairy legs Wapasai, the white skin, Cnpontwa, dll at once. , Catchacommu, big lake, Mowhinin, the wolf] Malasenokama, the war chief, Onigou, Kechaswa, the sun, Wonakasa the quick riser Mataqua, the medical woman, N anatawaka, the scentinglfox. Done at Portage des Siouxs, in the presence of R. Wash, Secretary to the Cemmission. Thomas Levens, lt. col. comdt. 1 regt. I. T. P. Chouteau, agent. T. Paul, C. C. T. Jas. B. Moore, capt. Samuel Whiteside, capt. Jno. W. Johnson, U. S. factor and I. agent. Maurice Blondeaux. Samuel Solomon, interpreter. Noel Mograine, interpreter. Daniel Converse, 3d lieut. To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal. A TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP, Sep, 16, ,8,;-,_ Made and concluded between William Clark, J\/inian Edwards, -il-é-—— and Auguste Chouteau, Commissioners Plenzjootentiary ry' the aufied, Dec. U · _· . 26, ,8,5 nzted States of America, on the part and behay of the said States, of the one part ; and the undersigned, King, Chiefs, and Warriors, of the daway Tribe or Nation, on the part and behalf of the said Tribe or Nation, of the other part. Tun parties being desirous of re-establishing peace and friendship between the United States and the said tribe or nation, and of being placed in all things, and in every respect, on the same footing upon which they stood before the war, have agreed to the following articles: Injgyigs, gw, Anwrcnn 1. Elvery injury, or act of hostility, by one or either of the fOr8W6H- pontracting parties against the other shall be mutually forgiven and orgot. pm,,,,,,,,; Aer. 2. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all pggggsgpd the citizens of the United States and all the individuals composing the P· said Iaway tribe or nation.