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TREATY WITH THE CHICKASAWS. 1818. 193 Axr. 3. In consideration of the relinquishment of claim and cession Payment to of lands in the preceding article, and to perpetuate the happiness of the Chi<=k¤¤¤W¤· Chickesaw nation of Indians, the commissioners of the United States, before named, agree to allow the said nation the sum of twenty thousand dollars per annum, for fifteen successive years, to be paid annually; and, as a farther consideration for the objects aforesaid, and at the request of the chiefs of the said nation, the commissioners agree to pay captain John Gordon, of Tennessee, the sum of one thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars, it being a debt due by general William Colbert, of said nation, to the aforesaid Gordon; and the further sum of two thousand dollars, due by said nation of Indians, to captain David Smith, now of Kentucky, for that sum by him expended, in supplying himself and forty-five soldiers from Tennessee, in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, when assisting them (at their request and invitation,) in defending their towns against the invasion of the Creek Indians; both which sums, (on the application of the said nation,) is to be paid, within sixty days after the ratification of this treaty, to the aforesaid Gordon and Smith. Arvr. 4. The commissioners agree, on the further and particular ap- Reservation plication of the chiefs, and for the benefit of the poor and warriors of f°' ***8 Chichthe said nation, that a tract of land, containing four miles square, to in- saws" clude a salt lick or springs, on or near the river Sandy, a branch of the Tennessee river, and within the land hereby ceded, be reserved, and to be laid od` in a square or oblong, so as to include the best timber, at the option of their beloved chief Levi Colbert, and major James Brown, or either of them; who are hereby made agents and trustees for the nation, to lease the said salt lick or springs, on the following express conditions, viz: For the benefit of this reservation, as before recited, Terms on the trustees or agents are bound to lease the said reservation to some §'£°;*h°bS°1* citizen or citizens of the United States, for a reasonable quantity of leaSed?y G salt, to be paid annually to the said nation, for the use thereof; and that, from and after two years after the ratification of this treaty, no salt, made at the works to be erected on this reservation, shall be sold within the limits of the same for a higher price than one dollar per bushel of fifty pounds weight; on failure of which the lease shall be forfeited, and the reservation revert to the United States. Anr. 5. The commissioners agree, that there shall be paid to Oppas- $500 to Ovsantubby, a principal chief of the Chickesaw nation, within sixty days §L“;”“m“bbY* after the ratification of this treaty, the sum of five hundred dollars, as ` a full compensation for the reservation of two miles square, on the north side of Tennessee river, secured to him and his heirs by the treaty held, with the said Chickesaw nation, on the twentyeth day of September, 1816; and the further sum of twenty-five dollars to John Lewis, a half breed, for a saddle he lost while in the service of the United States; and, to shew the regard the President of the United States has for the said Chickesaw nation, at the request of the chiefs of the said nation, the commissioners agree that the sum of one thousand and eighty-nine dollars shall be paid to Maj. James Colbert, interpreter, within the period stated in the first part of this article, it being the amount of a sum of money taken from his pocket, in the month of June, 1816, at the theatre in Baltimore: And the said commissioners, as a further _The reservaregard for said nation, do agree that the reservations made to George L¤¤¤¤ <>f*h° C°l· Colbert and Levi Colbert, in the treaty held at the council house of said ,:§f9:,?,,8H,L£. nation, on the twenty-sixth [twentieth] day of September, 1816, the heirs and asfirst to Col. George Colbert, on the north side of Tennessee river, and ¤*8¤¤· fer °V°¤`- those to Maj. Levi Colbert, on the east side of the Tombigby river, shall enure to the sole use of the said Col. George Colbert, and Maj. Levi Colbert, their heirs and assigns, forever, with their baits and 25