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TREATY WITH THE KICKAPOOS. 1819. 201 ART. 3. The said tribe acknowledge themselves now to be, and pro- Protection of mise to continue, under the protection of the United States of America, U· S· ¤¢k¤<>W· and of no other nation, power, or sovereign, whatever. l°dg"d· Am-, 4, The said tribe release the United States from all obligations U· S- ¥?l€¤S€d imposed by any treaties heretofore made with them, gg’,?;_°bl‘g“' Am. 5. The United States, in lieu of all former stipulations, and in Annuity to consideration of cessions of land heretofore made by the said tribe, pro. I¤dia¤S· mise to pay them, at their town on the waters of the Osage river, two thousand dollars in silver, annually, for fifteen successive years. ART. 6. In consideration of the cession made by the aforesaid tribe, U.S. pay $3000 in the tirst article of this treaty, the United States, in addition to three “L°"g.° meg thousand dollars worth of merchandise this day paid to the said tribe, gag; Qsxggfof hereby cede to them, and theifheirs for ever, a certain tract of land land in Mislying in the territory of Missouri, and included within the following 8°“'l· &°· boundaries, viz: Beginning at the confluence of the rivers Pommes de Terre and Osage; thence, up said river Pommes de Terre, to the dividing ridge which separates the waters of Osage and White rivers; thence, with said ridge, and westwardly, to the Osage line; thence, due north with said line, to Nerve creek; thence, down the same, to a point due south of the Mouth of `White Clay, or Richard Creek; thence, north, to the Osage river; thence, down said river, to the beginning: Provided, nevertheless, That the said tribe shall never sell the said land Proviso. without the consent of the President of the United States. Anr. 7. The United States promise to guaranty to the said tribe the U.S. guaranty peaceable possession of the tract of land hereby ceded to them, and to gg2S2e1b;? tig? restrain and prevent, all white persons from hunting, settling, or other- mm ceded_ wise intruding upon it. But any citizen or citizens of the United States, being lawfully authorized for that purpose, shall be permitted to pass and repass through the said tract, and to navigate the waters thereof, without any hindrance, toll, or exaction, from the said tribe. ART. S. For the purpose of facilitating the removal of the said tribe U.S. to furnish to the tract of land hereby ceded to them, the United States will furnish b°°**» &·°- them with two boats, well manned, to transport their property, from any point they may designate on the Illinois river, and some judicious citizen shall be selected to accompany them, in their passage through the white settlements, to their intended residence. Am. 9. The United States will take the said Kickapoo tribe under U. S, will take their care and patronage, and will afford them protection against all °h<;,Kg¤?P°°¤ persons whatever, provided they conform to the laws of the United :;,§:,,_ °" Pm` States, and refrain from making war, or giving any insult or offence to any other Indian tribe, or to any foreign nation, without first having obtained the approbation and consent of the United States. ART. 10. The said tribe, in addition to their above described ces- Thembe re. sions, do hereby cede and relinquish to the United States, generally, linquish all and without reservation, all other tracts of land to which they have any {;?:$f°31;hEH_ right or title on the left side of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. mg, md Mis, ln testimony whereof, the Commissioners aforesaid, and the under- mslpph signed Chiefs and Warriors as aforesaid, have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals. Done at Edwardsville, in the state of Illinois, this thirtieth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, and of the Independence of the United States the forty- fourth. AUG. CHOUTEAU, BEN, STEPHENSON. 26