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TREATY WITH THE OTTAWAS, ETC. 1836. 493 Amircnn S1x·r1r. The said Indians bein desirous of makin rovi- " sion for their haltibreed relatives, and the Pdesident having detegrriined, h£ll`?ill·;i;)<lilgicthat individual reservations shall not be granted, it is agreed, that in lieu thereof, the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars shall be set apart as a fund for said haliibreeds. N o person shall be entitled to any part of said fund, unless he is of Indian descent and actually resident within the boundaries described in the first article of this treaty, nor shall any thing be allowed to any such person, who may have received any allowance at any previous Indian treaty. The following principles, shall regulate the distribution. A census shall be taken of all the men, women, and children, coming within this article. As the Indians hold in higher consideration, some of their haltlbreeds than others, and as there is much difference in their capacity to use and take care of property, and, consequently, in their power to aid their Indian connexions, which furnishes a strong ground for this claim, it. is, therefore, agreed, that at the council to be held upon this subject, the commissioner shall call upon the Indian chiefs to designate, if they require it, three classes of these claimants, the first of which, shall receive onehalf more than the second, and the second, double the third. Each man woman and child shall be enumerated, and an equal share, in the respective classes, shall be allowed to each. If the father is living with the family, he shall receive the shares of himself, his wife and children. If the father is dead, or separated from the family, and the mother is living with the family, she shall have her own share, and that of the children. If the father and mother are neither living with the family, or if the children are orphans, their share shall be retained till they are twenty-one years of age; provided, that such portions of it as may be necessary may, under the direction of the President, be from time to time applied for their support. All other persons at the age of twenty- one years, shall receive their shares agreeably to the proper class. Out of the said fund of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the sum of five thousand dollars shall be reserved to be applied, under the direction of the President, to the support of such of the poor half breeds, as may require assistance, to be expended in annual instalments for the term of ten years, commencing with the second year. Such of the haltbreeds, as may be judged incapable of makincr a proper use of the money, allowed them by the commissioner, shall receive the same in instalments, as the President may direct. Arvricnm Savmvrn. In consideration of the cessions above made, and Twoaddmomi as a further earnest of the disposition felt to do full justice to the In- g;¤¤k¤mit·l¤¤» dians, and to further their well being, the United States engage to keep °' two additional blacksmith-shops, one of which, shall be located on the reservation north of Grand river, and the other at the Sault Ste. Zllarie. A permanent interpreter will be provided at each of these locations. It is stipulated to renew the present dilapidated shop at Michihmackinac, and to maintain a gunsmith, in addition to the present sm1th’s establishment, and to build a dormitory for the Indians visiting the post, and appoint a person to keep it, and supply it with fire-wood. It is also agreed, to support two farmers and assistants, and two mechanics, as the President may designate, to teach and aid the Indians, in agriculture, and the mechanic arts. The farmers and mechanics, and the dormitory, will be continued for ten years, and as long thereafter, as the President may deem this arrangement useful and necessary, but the benefits of the other stipulations of this article, shall be continued beyond the expiration of the annuities, and it is understood that the whole of this article shall stand in force, and inure to the benefit of the Indians, as long after the expiration of the twenty years as Congress may appropriate for the objects. 2 R