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TREATY WITH THE OTTAWAS, ETC. 1836. 497 of the ninth article, have any further claim on the general commutation fund, set apart to satisfy reservation claims, in the said sixth article. It is also understoodnthat the personal annuities, stipulated in the eleventh article, shall be paid in specie, in the same manner that other annuities are paid. Any excess of the funds set apart in the fifth and sixth articles, shall, in lieu of being paid to the Indians, be retained and vested by the Government in stock under the conditions mentioned in the fourth article of this treaty. In testimony whereof, the parties above recited, have hereunto set their hands, at Washington,the seat of Government, this thirty-first day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty- SIX. HENRY R. SCHOOLCRAFT. Ownn Aishkum, of Maskigo, Apawkozigun, of L’Arbre Croche, gl/assangaio, of go. Heminitchagun, of do. sawya, 0 0.awagnee of do. Wabi Widego, of Grand river, Kinoshemaig, of do. Megis Ininee, of do. N aganigabowi, of do. Nabun Ageezhig, of do. Oniasino, of do. Ainse, of Michilimackinac, Mukaday Benais, of do. Cbabowaywa, of do. Chingassamoo, of Cheboigan, {pubs Vgadick, fof Saulti St. Marie. Aishquagonabee, of Grand Traverse, aub gecg, o o. A osa, of d0. Kalyvgeyoeih, of do. Oshawun Epenaysee, of do. y ai osagee, John Hulbert, Secretary. Robert Stewart, Wm. Mitchell, John A. Drew, Augustin Hamelin, jr., Rix Robinson, C. O. Ermatinger. To the Indian names are rubjoiued marks. [No·rs.—The foregoing treaty, and supplementary article, was ratified and confirmed with the following amen ments, as expressed in the resolution of the Senate: ARTICLE Two, line two, after the word, "tracts," insert the following words, to wit: " for the term of five years from the date of the ratification of this treaty, and no longer;" unjless the United States grant them permission to remain on said lands for a onger peno . Aémcns Tunes, after the word " tracts," in the second line, insert the following wor s, to wit: For the term of five years from the date of the ratification of this treaty, and no longer, unlese the United States grunt them permission to remain on said lands for a longer perio . Aarrcra Foux,—at the close thereof insert these words—" and also the sum of two hundred thousand dollars, in consideration of changing the permanent reservations in articles two and three to reservations for five years only, to be paid whenever their reservations shall be surrendered, and until that time the interest on said two hundred thousand dollars shall be annually paid to the said Indians." ARTICLE Frvr.-Strike out the whole article and insert the following: " The sum of three hundred thousand dollars shall be paid to the said Indians to enable them with the aid and assistance of their agent, to adjust and pay such debts as geykmay justly owe, and the overplus if any to apply to uch other use as they may in proper. ARTICLE Eron1·— Strike out after the word " the" where it first occurs in line two, to the word "States," in the eighth line, and insert in lieu thereof these words~— " Southwest of the Missouri river, there to select a suitable place for the final settlement of said Indians, which country, so selected, and of reasonable extent, the United States will forever guaranty and secure to said Indians. In the Erearn Aarrcrs-Strike out all between the word " it" in the eleventh line, and the word " when" in the thirteenth line, and insert these words: " 'I`he nett proceeds of the sale of the one hundred and sixty acres of land, upon the Grand river,_ upon which the Missionary Society have erected their buildings, shall be paid to the said Society in lieu of the value of their said improvements."] 63 2 it 2