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TREATY WITII THE OTTOES, ETC. 1836. 525 relinquishment; and as some compensation for the great sacrifice made by the several deputations at this particular season, by abandoning their fall hunts and traveling several hundred miles to attend this convention the undersigned John Dougherty and Joshua Pilcher agrees on behalf of the United States to pay as a present to the tribes herein before named the sum of four thousand five hundred and twenty dollars in merchandize, the receipt of which they hereby acknowledge having been distributed among them in the proportions following. To the Otoes portions of twelve hundred and fifty dollars,to the Missouries one thousand dollars ¢¤¤b tribeto the Omahaws twelve hundred and seventy the Yankton and Santee bands of Sioux one thousand dollars. Am. 3d. In consequence of the removal of the Otoes and Missou- gums and ries from their former situation on the river Platte to the place selected Mi¤¤¤¤ri¤¤ to for them, and of their having to build new habitations last spring at the l§,£‘g'£lf;h_ time which should have been occupied in attending to their crops, it ets of com appears that they have failed to such a degree as to make it certain that they will lack the means of subsisting next spring, when it will be necessary for them to commence cultivating the lands now preparing for their use. It is therefore agreed that the said Otoes, and Missouries (in addition to the presents herein before mentioned) shall be furnished at the expence of the United States with five hundred bushels of corn to be delivered at their village in the month of April next. And the Omahasto same causes operating upon the Omahaws, they having also abandoned hue 100 ¤<>¤=¤ their former situation, and established at the place recommended to g;,g‘;‘;"db'°k° them on the Missouri river, and finding it difficult without the aid of l ` ploughs to cultivate land near there village where they would be secure from their enemies, it is agreed as a farther proof of the liberality of the Government and its disposition to advance such tribes in the cultivation of the soil as may manifest a disposition to rely on it for the future means of subsistence; that they shall have one hundred acres of ground broke up and put under a fence near their village, so soon as it can be done after the ratification of this convention, and that there shall be a suitable person employed as farmer to assist and instruct them in cultivating the soil so soon and for such time as the President of the United States may deem Propet_: p' gg: note on

  • ART. 4th. The undersigned chiefs braves and head men of the Compensation

tribes herein before named, feeling sensible of the many acts of kind- to certain perness and liberality manifested towards them, and their respective tribes ¤°¤¤· by their good friends Joseph Ronbadoux sen., and Lucien Fontenelle, during an intercourse of many years; aware of the heavy losses sustained by them at different times by their liberality in extending large credits to them and their people, which have never been paid, and which (owing to the impoverished situation of their country and their scanty means of living) never can be; are anxious to evince some evidence of gratitude for such benefits and favours, and compensate the said individnals in some measure for their losses. To this end at the earnest solicitation of said tribes it is agreed that the said Joseph Roubadoux sen.shall have the privilege of selecting three sections of land any where within the ceded territory so soon as the same shall be surveyed, and the said Lucien Fontenelle shall be permitted to select two sections in like manner which shall be conveyed to them by the United States without cost, whenever the land so selected shall be reported by them there agents or legal representatives to the register and receiver of the land oflice of the district in which they lie. It is however distinctly understood that if the President and Senate of the United States should refuse to ratify this and the last preceding article or either of thern or any part thereof, that such refusal shall in no way affect the relinquishment and