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536 TREATY WITH THE CHIPPEVVAS. 1837. Ross, lst Lt. 7th Intl J. H. Bailey, Assit. Surgeon. G. K. Paul, lst Lt. 7th Infy, S. G. Simmons, 1st Lt. 7th Infy. J. G. Reed, 2d Lt. 7th Intl J. M. Wells, 2d Lt. 7th Inf. R. L. Dodge. F. Britton, Lieut. 7th U. S. Army. S. Hardage, Greek Interpreter. To the indian names are subjoined marks.

ARTICLES OF A TREATY July 29, 1837. Made and concluded at St. Peters (the confluence of the St. Proclamation, Peters and Jllississippi rivers) in the Territory of Wisconsin, Juno1s, 1838. between the United States of America, by their commissioner, Henry Dodge, Governor cj said Territory, and the Chqopewa nation <y" Lzdions, by their chiefs and hectdmen. Land oodod to Aivricuz I. The said Chippewa nation cede to the United States all the U- S· that tract of country included within the following boundaries: Boundaries. Beginning at the junction of the Crow YVing and Mississippi rivers, between twenty and thirty miles above where the Mississippi is crossed by the forty-sixth parallel of north latitude, and running thence to the north point of Lake St. Croix, one of the sources of the St. Croix river; thence to and along the dividing ridge between the waters of Lake Superior and those of the Mississippi, to the sources of the Ocha-suasepe a tributary of the Chippewa river; thence to a point on the Chippewa river, twenty miles below the outlet of Lake De Flambeaug thence to the junction of the Wisconsin and Pelican rivers; thence on an east course twenty-five miles; thence southerly, on a course parallel with that of the Wiscoiisin river, to the line dividing the territories of the Chippewas and Menomonies; thence to the Plover Portage; thence along the southern boundary of the Chippewa country, to the commencement of the boundary line dividing it from that of the Sioux, half a days march below the falls on the Chippewa river; thence with said boundary line to the mouth of Wah-tap river, at its junction with the Mississippi; and thence up the Mississippi to the place of beginning. U.S. to make Anrrcnn 2. In consideration of the cession aforesaid, the United ‘l*° *bH°‘“"·‘?·’ States agree to make to the Chippewa nation, annually, for the term of giji;,n}§,?Evt;3l;` twenty years, from the date of the ratification of this treaty, the followyears. ing payments. 1. Nine thousand five hundred dollars, to be paid in money. 2. Nineteen thousand dollars, to be delivered in goods. 3. Three thousand dollars for establishing three blacksmiths shops, supporting the blacksmiths, and furnishing them with iron and steel. 4. One thousand dollars for farmers, and for supplying them and the Indians, with implements of labor, with grain or seed; and whatever else may be necessary to enable them to carry on their agricultural pursuits. 5. Two thousand dollars in provisions. 6. Five hundred dollars in tobacco. The provisions and tobacco to be delivered at the same time with the goods, and the money to be paid; which time or times, as well as the place or places where they are to be delivered, shall be fixed upon under the direction of the President of the United States. The blacksmiths shops to be placed at such points in the Chippewa country as shall be designated by the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, or under his direction.