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TREATY WITH THE CREEKS. 1838. 575 the sum of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and secure to them the interest of five per cent. thereon, to be paid annually, the interest for the first year to be paid in money, the interest thereafter to be paid in money, stock animals, blankets, domesticks or such articles of a simelar nature as the President of the United States may direct, to be distributed as set forth in the preceeding article. ART. 4th. It is further agreed that the sum invested by the preceeding Said invest~ article shall at the experation of twenty-five years be appropriated under m°“‘» 1*;**** 25 the direction of the President of the United States for the common benifit g;;;;},,;;;? b° of the Creek nation. ART. 5th. The United States further agrees to pay the sum of twenty- Payment to one thousand one hundred and three dollars and thirty-three cents, to $*?*l§fY,"i1¤£m$ l satisfy claims of the early Creek emigrants to the west, of the McIntosh Q,,,f,,$’_ C mos] party as set forth in the accompanying schedule marked ART. 6th. In consideration of the suffering condition of about two SHPPUGS Y0? thousand five hundred of the Creek nation who were removed to this h°s“l° CI°°Ks‘ country as hostiles and that are not provided for by this treaty, and the representation of the chiefs of the nation, that their extreem poverty has, and will cause them to commit depredations on their neighbours, it is therefore agreed on the part of the United States that the Creek Indians refered to in this article shall receive ten thousand dollars in stock animals for one year, as soon as conveniance will permit after the ratification of this treaty. It is however understood by the contracting parties that the rejection R¤i¤c¤i0¤_<>i" of this article will not effect the other provisions of this treaty. 2:f§;iT;;Tf§c_ In testamony whereof the commissioners on behalf of the United States and the delegates of the Creek nation have hereunto signed their names, this 23d day of November A. D. 1838 at Fort Gibson. Wl\I. ARMSTRONG, Act Sup Wcstn Tcry. M. ARBUCKLE, Brevt Brig. Gen. U S. A. Rowly Mclntosh, Yargu, O Poth-le Yoholo, Yar Dieker Tustannugga, Little Doctor, Charlo Hadjo, Tus kem haw, Kusseter Micco, Ufawala Hadjo, Irotti Fixicc, l Fus-hutche-micco, Tom Marth Micco, Cotchy T ustannuggee, David Barnett, Chilby McIntosh, Bob Tiger, Co-wock-co-geEmarthlar, Tuckabatehe Hadjv. Jas. Islands, , Cho Coater Tustannugga, Tin Thlannis Hadjo, Echo Hadjo, · Jim Boy, Tal Mars Hatho,. Cctchay Emarta, Emarth Ea Hadjo. Jimmy Chopco, WITNESSESZ—-J. S. McIntosh, Maj. 7th Infl B. Riley, Maj. 4th Infi S. W. Moore. Capt. 7th Intl W. K. Hanson, Lt. 7th Infi G. K. Paul, lst Lt. 7th Inf., A. C. S. D. J. Whiting, lst Lt. 7th Inf. G. J. Rains, Capt. 7th Inf M. Stokes, Aglentvfor Cherokee nation. James Logan, Agent for Creek nation. lst Lt. S. (x. Simmons, 7th Inf, Secretary to the Commission. To the Indian names arc subjoined marks.