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ARTICLES OF A TREATY Jan. 11, 1839. Made and concluded at Fort Gibson, west of Arkansas between W Bri . General M Arbuckle, Commissioner on the part of the ation, g . · March2,l839. United States, and the c/ziqfs, lieadmen and warriors of the Great and Little Osage Indians, duly authorized by their respective bands. r;,,,,;,,,,,, by Amrcu: 1st. The Great and Little Osage Indians make the following the Osages. cessions to the United States. First, Of all titles or interest in any reservation heretofore claimed by them, within the limits of any other tribe. Second, Of all claims or interests under the treaties of November tenth, one thousand eight hundred and eight and June second, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, except so much of the latter as IS contained in the sixth article thereof and the said Indians bind themselves to remove from the lands of other tribes, and to remain within their own boundaries. Consideration Anrrctn 2:]. ln consideration of the cessions and obligations con- ‘h°”f°’· tained in the preceding article, the United States agree to the following stipulations on their part. Annuity_ First, 'I‘o pay to the said Great and Little Osage Indians, for the term of twenty years an annuity of twenty thousand dollars to be paid in the Osage nation, twelve thousand in money and eight thousand in goods, stock, provisions, or money as the President may direct. Bl,,,,ksm;,hS_ Second, To furnish the Osage nation, for the term of twenty years, two blacksmiths and two assistants, the latter to be taken from the Osage nation, and receive two hundred and twenty-five dollars each, per year; each smith to be furnished with a dwelling house, shop and tools, and five hundred pounds of iron, and sixty pounds of steel annually. Grist and saw. Third, To furnish the Osage nation with a grist and saw mill, a miller mill¤- to each for tineen years, and an assistant to each for eleven years, the latter to be taken from the Osage nation and receive each two hundred and twenty-five dollars per year; each miller to be furnished with a dwelling house, and the necessary tools. Cows, calves, Fourth, To supply the said Great and Little Osage Indians within hogs, gw, their country with one thousand cows and calves, two thousand breeding hogs, one thousand ploughs ; one thousand sets of horse gear; one thousand axes, and one thousand hoes; to be distributed under the direction of their agent, and chiefs, as follows, viz: to each family who shall form an agricultural settlement, one cow and call, two breeding hogs, one plough, one set of horse gear, one axe, and one hoe. The stock tools &c. to be in readiness for delivery, as soon as practicable after the ratification of this treaty, and the Osages shall have complied with the stipulations herein contained. Hmm, wz,. Fwh, To furnish the following named chiefs, viz: Pa-hu-sca, Clerguns, &»c._f<>r mont, Chiga-wa-sa, Ka—he-gals-tanga, Tawan-ga-hais, Wa-cho chais, Ni- °°"°“‘ °h“’fs· ka-wa-chin—tanga, Tally, Gui—hira-ba-chais, Baptiste Mongrain, each with a house worth two hundred dollars; and the following named chiefs viz : Chi-to-ka-sa-bais, Wa—ta-ni-ga, Wa-tier-chi-ga, Chon-ta-sa-bais, (576)